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[NEW NPC] Saradas Magic 2 [ENG] V_1.6 NOW FOR ToB

Message added by Mike1072,

An updated version of this mod has been provided by @Austin, adding compatibility with EET and classic BG2.

The full list of changes and download link for the new version are available in this post.

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Mod version has been updated! The number remains the same (1.8), but important changes have been made.

Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sx6pketmg09igwa/Saradas%20Magic%202%20%281.8%29.rar?dl=0




- Added an option to set an alternate appearance for Saradas (as a mage, not a monk). Added due to the fact that the monk does not have a paperdoll on the inventory screen and some players asked to add this option
- Improved the mod's tra-fication (fixed bugs, deleted the English.tra file, its content was moved to the setup.tra file)
- Added full compatibility with "vanilla" (non-EE) version of the game: 
Added adaptation of WILDMAGE and DRAGON_DISCIPLE kits, as well as WIZARD_IMPROVED_ALACRITY spell for the vanilla version of the game. Corresponding changes have been made to the TP2-file and the !SARADAS.d and !Scut01.baf files
Added a command to TP2 that adds the dir.ids file to the game when a vanilla version of the game is found (since it is absent in it, and the mod will not be installed without it)
Added different size options for portraits (for the EE version of the game and for the classic version of the game)


- The mod is completely tra-ified
- Added EET-compatibility:
 added adaptation of «chapter» variables in TP2 in case of installation on EET
 added the EET_TRANSITION function
- The file structure is put in order (now everything is not in one folder, but is divided into subfolders). File paths changed in TP2 file, which are now located in different folders depending on the file type
- Added iconv-transcoder for installation on different versions of the game with different languages (in case of future translation), the LAF HANDLE_CHARSETS function was added to TP2 to launch it
- The «COPY ~saradas_magic_2\eff\!Stun.eff~ ~override~» command has been added to the TP2 file, which allows you to add the !Stun.eff file to the game, which was added in version 1.7
- Updated version of WeiDU-installer


Officially update the mod, please (if possible)!

Edited by Austin
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28 minutes ago, Austin said:

Officially update the mod, please (if possible)!

I've added a message and updated the first topic in the thread to link to your post above.  If you release any future updates to the mod, you'll be able to update your post to include the new information and download link.

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On 11/12/2020 at 8:30 AM, jastey said:

Do we have the constent of the original author?

Unfortunately, he hasn't been online since 2015, and his profile email is not listed. But the content of the mod has not changed, the edits are technical, so I don't think he will mind. The only non-technical addition that I made was the optional component of alternative animation (I wrote the reason above)

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Greetings. I'm the author of the mod. Greg asked me to improve the compatibility of the mod, unfortunately my free time is quite limited nowadays, so I could not do as asked.

I give my consent to tweak the compatibility of this mod, to keep it alive for those who still enjoy the game, as long as the credit to my work is showed :)

Merry Christmas to everyone! 🎅

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