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V28 - Install issues


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A quick report about two components that failed to install, specifically:

- Remove Arrows of Dispelling from stores

- Potions for NPCs


The installer failed to install these 2 components and rolled back to the previous state.

Everything else went fine.

I think the problem was missing resources (like a missing .2da file for the potions).

I'm sorry I didn't keep the debug information: as I soon discovered that V28 changed too many things to preserve my current game I had to fully revert to SCSII V21 to continue with that.


Still I'm hoping to be able to do a proper re-installation for my next playthrough (if it ever happens, you know life and all).

I'd *really* love to see enemies use the Revised HLAs from the Refinements mods. Haven't had the chance so far.


That's it. :)

Thanks for the massive work done for this mod!

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Well yes, good catch ;) It was so long ago!


You know how it goes: the mod required so much effort (mostly the HLAs and the Sword Angel kit, especially since we insisted on doing things "against" the engine!) that I "forgot" to actually play the game..

Eventually the streak ended and, to this day, I never did a real playthrough with our own mod.


I'm trying to rectify this, with the addition of the amazing Sword Coast Stratagems, which, I see from the read me, can assign the new hlas to enemies too! :O

I noticed that DavidW hasn't been around lately, but hey, surely he deserves some time off :)

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Thanks for your comments!

If DavidW can modernize the code, well, it'd be great, I certainly wouldn't know even where to start from anymore ;)

Although I'm sure the_bigg already did a lot of quality maintenance.


Hope DavidW will be back. SCS is truly something... I spent an entire session yesterday to kill ONE Elder Orb :D

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it's been pretty common for DavidW to be away for some time (even a few months) and then come back, and in a matter of hours, catch up with all issues and work on a new release. I am sure it'll be the same this time. :)

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