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Mages/Clerics casting as Sorcerers?


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Posted this over on the EE forums, figured I'd try for feedback here.


My main question is: Is there a quick and easy way to change the Mage and Cleric classes so that you can do away with "memorizing spells" entirely, and simply cast as a Sorcerer does?


I had considered using EEKeeper to change the Mages in my party to Sorcerers, but I don't want to change anything about them other than the way they cast, ie. I still want them to learn magic from scrolls, not level up... and that does nothing to help out with our Cleric. Yes, I am aware that this kind of change is blatantly overpowered, but for my (and my viewer's) enjoyment, we'd really like to just skip the huge bookkeeping step that comes with having multiple casters in the same party, especially late in the game as we are. Any help would be appreciated.

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Well, to be truthful, its not as so much a reason of the game being old, but that the Sorcerer was added to the already existing mage kit system that's not the best one either, as that comes from the original BG1. Time when Black Isle couldn't know that the game would even succeed ... so.

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Yeah, in GemRB it's only a 2da toggle away, but even there, we apply the setting to all actors with that class. Meaning there would surely be some problems with ai scripts due to the different mechanic of spell depletion. It is trivial to change that though, so you could have a sorcerer-style cleric only in the party.

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