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Any Gibberlings want to sort out an EE version?

Grim Squeaker

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n1 ... getting bored easily in my current lecture :grin: So I was about to start a new BG2:EE game as well...


I'd have been so sad to not being able to include my 1 and most favorite NPC mod all the time (and after some trial & error & testing - the only one ^^)


Thanks a bunch for the BG2:EE update!

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(I'm assuming "spelling errors" isn't a euphemism for British spelling...)

Hehe, no it isn't. Just a couple of obvious spelling mistakes (such as greaving -> grieving) and some punctuation issues. Well, except maybe for Lloth/Lolth (both are valid, but Viconia has never used Lloth in her lines).


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Dammit I have nasty bug
I´m in Umar Hills right in the area, where should Tyris show up, but when cutscene trigger my game crashes Is there any other way, how to get her to my party? (like in eekeeper, or something like that?)
I play on Android, so console command is no option (or I don´t hear any way, how to use console on Android) Instalation is alright, I checked it.
I already tried to install only this mod alone, to test if there is some conflict with other mods, but no. The game crashes at the same moment with only this mod installed.
Any help please? I would really love to play this mod

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