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BG 2 EE SCS II Liches


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Here's the issue : I have SCS II Improved Liches, spellcasters the whole thing that makes the game extra hard, i got the " increase difficulty for level-dependente monster groupings" installed wich means where there's undead there's also a Lich amongst them.


I'm playing BG 2 EE and when I reached the Lich on the cave of the Unseeing Eye quest he was like any low lv spellcaster with magic missiles as his main weapon lol


I'm comming from the non EE where this component would give me instead of a paper lich one that greets me by casting time stop, dispelling my protections and summoning a demon fiesta. This one didn't even cast Protection from Magical Weapons.


Is this suposed to be like this, another shortcoming of this crapy EE edition ? or just incompatiblity with SCS ?


I'll be going back to non EE, this thing is too bug infested for me.


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In vanilla BG the "generic" liches spawning in groups of undead are only 11th level (this is not true of "special" liches like Shangalar or the one hiding beneath the Crooked Crane). I don't know what Beamdog did with them, but possibly enforced a spellbook matched to their level. Do the liches cast 5th level spells?

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