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Hardcore Mod for BG 2 please ?


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Anyone knoes if there's a Hardcore mod somewhere ? This is the last thing left for me to enjoy completely this masterpiece of a game.


With a Hardcore mod we could get really INTO the game, having to properly strategize before going into battles, it's not fun for me to know I can alwas reload if I die.


I was playing with a lv 14-15 party made of a Dwarven Berserker, a Half orc Barbarian dual wielding Flail of ages / Defender of Eastheaven ( guy is a TANK ) :), Gnome Illusionist / Thief, Human Priest of Talos and a Elven Sorcerer.


I always play without reloading and without abusing any of the games flaws or anthing like that. I got past the Lich at the cave of the Unseeing Eye with my Lv13-14 party at the time in a epic battle, barely managed to control 1 Balor kill another, take down 2 Glabrezu and sneak my Priest wielding Mace of Disruption and hit a very Lucky shot in between PFMW after being bombarded with all sorts of nasty spells. That was after spending 90% of my potions, hiting perfectly timed Death wards, remove paralysis and many other life savers. My point is I was very close to death many times and managed to barely escape in one piece, since I don't reload so I had my heart pumping and a LOT of fun.


I just tried to take out the Sewers Mind Flayers and Alhoon and with poor planning bad positioning and a couple mistakes I managed to get killed. As I was deleting my auto save file I realized I shouldn't have died, and I did because I wasn't paying enough attention and trying to get out of that part of the game and move on, and I did because I was thinking " Oh I can always reload if my berserker rage goes out in the middle of the battle and I don't recast Chaotic commands". My Dwarf is probaby going to save against Stun right.


This is my favorite game ever and maybe it's just me, but not having a Hardcore mode takes away a LOT of the fun for me, so there's my humble request.


Please share you ideas about it !!

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If by "hardcore" you mean "when charname dies, you can't reload" then no. People playing such games usually write down their progress, take screenshots etc. at Bioware No-Reload forums, however.

If you mean "very hard" try Improved Anvil or Improved Battles.

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Having the ability to reload everytime you fail a save makes the game somewhat repetitive and boring,
Erhm, no, the game functions with no saving in battle unlike in KotOR's where exploiting it to a certain events is advantageous ... so not even knowing the basis of the games saving function I determine you as a ...
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