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No "No Traps" Option for IWD2 Tweak Pack?


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Hey all,


I've recently installed IWD2 and the tweak pack. Despite being obsessed with all of the Baldur's Gate games for almost the past 15 years, I was never able to get into IWD 1 or 2 that much because of the lack of story and NPCs. I only last year finally played through IWD1, and I figured it was time to give IWD2 a chance. So far I'm enjoying it (well, it's certainly not BG2... but hey it's still decent).


Being extremely familiar with these games, I must say I never cared for traps at all. I'm not the kind of gamer who enjoys cheating or reducing difficulty, but IMO traps are not a form of difficulty; rather, they are a mere nuisance and don't add any real "difficulty" to the game. I prefer a trap system akin to the one found in Skyrim: where a keen eye can spot them but actually removing them requires a certain trained skill. I don't particularly enjoy needing to stop my entire party and turn on "Search" just to wait around and search for traps. /rant lol


I was intrigued to see that you could supposedly remove them using the tweak pack. However, when I install the tweak pack, the "no traps" option never appears. The install process goes smoothly for all of the other options, but I am never asked in the command prompt whether I want to install the "no traps" option. I just started Chapter 2 and the first zone is littered with traps, which I find frustrating. I imagine the later chapters will only have more of them. Any explanation would be appreciated!


I am sorry if this has been answered before. If so, I wasn't able to find it.







EDIT: I did just find this thread http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=16529&hl=traps&fromsearch=1 which says that it's actually not included because it makes the game unwinnable. Is that true? If so I am sad :( Also I think it may be time to update the list of components on the website to reflect that, lol.

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