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How easy would it be to just add a couple of lines of dialogue?


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Specifically, to the conversation with Elhan at the start of Chapter 6, when he demands Viconia be put under a geas. I'm hardly surprised he does, of course, it makes perfect sense, but still it annoys me that I can't stand up for her. Especially because any Bhaalspawn successfully romancing Viconia of all people would be unlikely to take that sort of treatment meek as you please. Then I got this speech pop fully-formed into my head, but my modding knowledge extends no further than the basics of installing them, so I'm wondering how feasible it would be.


"Damn you! You ask our aid and offer nothing in return, you plague us with questions and humilations after we butcher our way to your doorstep through half the Drow army! Do you even know what foul plots of theirs we foiled in those lightless pits?! And now you slur the honour of one who has fought beside me long and loyally! NO! I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! You will apologize to my companion or you may go fuck yourself, Highborn, and I will tear out Irenicus' black heart after he emerges from the blazing ruin of your precious city!"

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It's quite easy. Find the name of the state in Infinity explorer, then do an


INTERJECT PLAYER1 etc - read for instructions in Weidu.org readme(or read comments to Branwen's code - it's in her main J file, which is the biggest .d file in the mod).

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