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PPG and G3: Testers needed for new mod versions: BG1UB - LotSC - BGQE

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I have three mods in beta currently that would need testing and translations.


PPG: Lure of the Sirine's Call


Version 13 beta covers BG:EE compatibility! Also included is (vanilla) BG1:TotSC sompatibility and a small dialogue fix. Please get the beta here.




PPG: BG1 Unfinished Business


Version 13.1 beta includes all things that wheren't included in v13 but where in the works already. This version does not provide BG:EE compatibility.


Changes are:

  • Update of the readme concerning v13 changes and bugfixes: Some included components weren't listed.
  • BGT: Installation of The Original Saga Music Playlist Corrections is skipped completely (BGT already covers this).
  • Finishing of the audio restorations of the core changes: Polish audio files provided by Promilus. German audio files tuned down to BGII-sound level by Hurricane.
  • Fix of Store fixes, provided by Miloch
  • New Component: Prism and the Emeralds Tweak, by plainab. New lines translated by: Salk (Italian), Cahir (Polish)
  • Edited Russian translation by aerie.ru & Darktech (now maintained by arcanecoast.ru team)
  • Update to WeiDU v236

Please get the BG1UB v13.1 beta here .

Notes for missing translations please see here. Currently, translations for German, French, Spanish, and Russian are still needed. Please check the thread whether a translation is being worked on.




G3 and Kerzenburgforum: BGQE


Version 9 beta of BGQE now provides compatibility with BG:EE, along with the following changes:

  • NPC reactions for all official NPCs (including the BG:EE ones)
  • "Babysitting in Nashkel" has an evil quest path now: Evil PCs can bully the mother away. Heads up though, because there is always someone who is ready to stand up for a frightened mother with little children!
  • "Monsters in Nashkel": Quest extention. The PC now meets the person who ordered the wyvern egg, and he is not pleased with what he got instead!
  • New encounter: "Drunk near Beregost Temple". This is an extention for the already existing drunk near the Beregost Temple. My PC felt responsible for the poor fool, so now the temple can be asked for his protection. Or the PC can simply decide to do the wolves' job himself.
  • Easter Egg quest. Make sure to have Minsc in your group when you talk to one of the new merchants at the Nashkel Carnival. The quest will start about a day later. I don't want to spoiler too much but make sure Minsc has a lot of space in his inventory. Oh, and Imoen will like it!
  • The Bjornin Extention is now moved to the (soon available) RE BG1 mod (Romantic Encouters for BG1). That is where it did belong all along.

Get the v9 beta here.


For the new content, there are still translations needed. Have a look at the translations info here. Still needed, not currently worked on language versions are Spanish, Italian, and Russian. English version would need proof-reading.



Thank you very much in advance!

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