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How to find out where a Creature Gets Spawned


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Hey there, I have another question.


Say I'm looking at a creature file, for example NCAT.CRE (cat), and I want to find out where and in what areas it spawns. (I'm trying to patch some generic creatures with more sounds, and I don't want to do something inappropriate to a special-use creature.)


Does anyone know how to find references to the creature in area files?


-They're original creatures, so they won't get put in the override.

- They're generic creatures, so no walkthroughs will mention them

- NearInfinity's and InfinityExplorer's search functions can find me the creature files, but any Find Reference options seem limited to dialogue and stringrefs. These creatures currently have no dlg names.


- Opening up Areas in NI will tell me the actors and what cre represent them. It'll get the job done, but I feel that someone, somewhere has come up with a procedure to make this job easier.


Would anybody happen to know a shortcut? For a poor newbie who doesn't know better?


Thank you in advance.

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Get the latest version of NearInfinity from here. Go to the creature you are trying to find references for (e.g. CAT.CRE) and go to the "Edit" tab (the default is the "View" tab). At the bottom of the window select "Find...." then "references to this file". Make sure "ARE" is selected and click "Search". My BGII:EE game returns 8 hits. You may also want to search for references in the area scripts (by selecting "BCS" in addition to "ARE").

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