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Glacius not becoming Neutral post-charm


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Source :: Gebhard Blucher (posted to alt.games.baldurs-gate on 2001-05-21), Kevin Dorner (fixed bug list on spellholdstudios.net Baldurdash forum)

Desc :: Glacius (in de'Arnise Hold) doesn't always become neutral once he's been charmed by a party member as he should.

FixDesc :: The problem is in the first block of AR1303.BCS. When Glaicas is charmed, the action is:


This casts dispell magic, but generally at a lower level than the mages in the party cast their charm spells. So the dispell almost always fails unless the charm is cast at a low level (e.g. from the ring of human influence). The solution is to change the action to:


which will always succeed in dispelling the charm.


Code to fix:


COPY_EXISTING ~AR1301.BCS~ ~override/AR1301.BCS~

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