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Suggestions for a New Gaming Rig


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Good folks, my XP rig probably just bought it (Mr. Domi is attempting a resurrection) but basically we were going to replace both laptop and the rig this summer. I want a desktop, aiming under $2,000 that will run SWTOR, DA, anything new and exciting (well, for me!) Mr. Domi built my XP rig, but not this time, we need a ready to run one. I am looking for suggestions! :)

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This is the specs of some of the hardware that I bought earlier this year after my main computer finally died.


OS: Windows 8.1

CPU: Intel Core i7-4770 Haswell 3.4GHz LGA 1150

GPU: ATi Radeon XFX R9 270X


MOBO: MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming LGA 1150 Intel Z87

Western Digital 1TB hard drive


That cost me around $900. I can play Skyrim with all of the neat graphics mods maxed out and not have any slow downs or any other problem.

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I want a desktop, aiming under $2,000 that will run SWTOR, DA, anything new and exciting (well, for me!)
A gaming PC capable of running contemporary graphics on high settings for the next 2-3 years after its purchase has always been around $1000. There is no real need to go higher unless you want to run Crysis-like benchmarks on max settings in 4k resolution. Even more so if you aren't interested in FPS genre at all.
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I really, really, really want to run SWTOR without losing animations, like disappearing taxis and enemies, and have the graphs set to max so nobody looks triangular and I can move around huge creatures and flying creatures without freezing the system.... things like that. Oh, and SHORT loading times, not 2 minute ones! I CERTAINLY would LOVE it if it costs less $$$ So, just walk into Best Buy or Future shop and ask a youthful associate to pick one for me, in blue if possible, please?

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I think I found something similar to what you have, CoM (see below) and the only review I see is that it had problems with textures in some flight simulator. Is Flight Simulator more graphic intensive than a SWTOR? Processor Type Intel Core i7-4770K Processor Speed 3.5 GHz Processor Cores 4 RAM 8 GB (1333 MHz DDR3) Hard Drive Capacity 1 TB; 60 GB (Solid State) Hard Drive Speed (Revolutions Per Minute) 7200 RPM Optical Drive 24X Dual-Layer DVD+/-RW Super-Multi Drive Pre-loaded Operating System Windows 8.1 (64-Bit) Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX660

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@Domi, was it the Microsoft Flight SimulatorTM, or a random x flight simulator ? It's a lot about how the simulator is programmed. As in what's processed in the field of view etc.

And the "disappearing taxis" in SWToR is likely not a graphical setup problem, it's a problem in the game engine. Just like the Ambient Sounds lag in BG2. Somethings just can't be but overlooked...

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I'll say I never get disappearing taxi's in SWTOR.


What I do get is lagging taxi's, where the taxi crawls along at the speed of slow. Usually this is when I have my map open and am watching the path, though.



I'm sorry I can't help with rigs... I built mine from scratch, having no idea what I was doing (I installed a fan backwards and had it running like that for two years before my ex realized it and corrected it for me ^^). But I know you can definitely get one that'll work for Dragon Age, Mass Effect, and SWTOR on high for around 1200, if not less. :)

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The rig you posted looks pretty good Domi, mine's somewhat similar, same CPU, but otherwise built to be a little more future proof with but double the RAM and a GTX770 and it's pretty beastly at the moment, way more than needed for SWOTOR, which I played on my old XP machine with no issues. I'd definitely reccomend getting/keeping the Solid State Hard Drive, it makes loading times for anything on it ridiculously fast. My Windows now boots in less time it takes my modem to establish internet connection. With my XP rig, I had time to make breakfast and it was still grinding its way into life.


I'd also try to get Windows 7 if you can, Windows 8 from everything I've been told is tripe on a train, though I'm also told if you have the technical know-how the stupid can be stripped out and it'll operate in a friendlier way instead of a huge retarded Tablet.


One thing you might also consider as a nice little extra for SWOTOR if you use your mouse to select abilities is a Logitech G600 gaming mouse. With a load of remappable buttons available for your thumb, plus other options, it can help make selecting from your profusion of powers nice and speedy.



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My hubby found a similar system with a better graphics card in the local shop (A bit pricier, but heck, a grapics card is a gaming necessity), so that what we will go with, likely. Wow, not that this one is not back to life, I am pretty excited. Haven't had a new toy forever!

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A larger SSD would be even better, since windows will take up most of that and you won't be able to install bigger games on it. That's much sooner a bottleneck than the GFX card. If not, then more RAM, so things will have to be read from disk less often.

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My main suggestion whenever buying a premade computer is to research all of the components to make sure they are high quality. For example: many PC manufacturers will often cheap out on things like the PSU because they know many people will just look at the Watts and assume the higher the better but not all PSUs are created equally. Check for reviews for the components online (newegg is useful for this). In general, when the component manufacturer offers a long warranty (5+years) that's another good sign. You definitely want to make sure your drives, motherboard, etc. are reliable so you don't have to end up replacing them in a year.

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I personally would suggest avoiding Windows 8 and going for 7 instead if possible, I recently got a new Windows 8 dell which runs wonderfully apart from the horrible windows 8 interface and horrendous over-exuberance of the security systems, for example, It wouldn't let me connect my desktop to my TV and kept exclaiming about unauthorised connection attempts (despite the fact that I was using a HDMI cable as opposed to wireless!) I then tried my girlfriends laptop which displayed the picture instantaneously with no gripes, so not an issue on the TV side, I have countless other issues with Windows 8 but won't bother listing them here :)


Regarding SSDs I don't think they are essential in the current environment and the cost to benefit ratio is fairly poor in my opinion.

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Hmm, I don't know if W7 will be an option, I just don't see it as a big deal, as security options can be customized. Hilariously, what brought my rig to its knees was stupid MS virus scan software that was screaming its head off that it is not backwards compatible with XP, and then just trashed the system. Third party software has no problem with XP... Microsoft... yeah. So, anything in the system that allows to cut down on the load times? My main gripe apart from graphics is loading times of 4+ minutes per character/load screen.

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