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Chainmail +2 description fix


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/me checks in.


Hey, all. I'll be working on this as well, since I want to do some RAEL M0DDING instead of just editing dialogue all the time. :)


Now, I have a question. I saw this i the "Outstanding Bugs"-thread:


[*] Chain mail +2 has incorrect AC: thread

But as I checked it up, I discovered that the item-effects are correct, while the description isn't. So, are we going to fix things such as this? In that case:


COPY_EXISTING ~chan08.itm~ ~override~
 SAY IDENTIFIED_DESC ~Chain mail is made of interlocking metal rings.  It is always worn over a layer of padded fabric or soft leather to prevent chafing and lessen the impact of blows.  Extra protection is given by magical enchantments placed on this armor.


Armor Class: 3
Weight: 10
Requires: 8 Strength
Not Usable By:
Beast Master


(Can't use STRING_SET - Chain Mail +1 uses the same string for description... :) )

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Did a bit more digging on this one. CHAN02 (Chain +1) and CHAN08 (Chain +2) both use the same strref for their ID'd description, #34423.


The original tlk has a correct description for chan08 as #34423, meaning chan02 is wrong originally. The game text update changes the description to be for chan02, making chan08 wrong. Because the GTU is English-only, we'd be switching the descriptions on non-English games if we corrected this by adjusting chan08's description.


It appears that #34423 should indeed be for chan08, and #16272 should be for chan02. #16272 is unused according to NI and describes chain mail with AC 4, same as Chain +1. As such, I've coded the fix as follows:


// fixes chan02 description
COPY_EXISTING ~chan02.itm~ ~override~


Coded in alpha 1.

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