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Sound problems with widescreen mod


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I had the 3.05 version installed, but it caused random crashes when entering small building.

On advice from a forum, I installed version 3.06 beta that seemed to stop the random crashes.



However I noticed that now with widescreen mod, I have problems with sounds in small buildings. The characters sounds and music is ok, but other sounds are missing. This is most noticeable with casting sounds, but also with other sounds, like arrows hitting monsters.


No problems in outside or in larger areas, only in smaller areas (e.g. Ramazith's tower).


I can't say for sure whether this was introduced with 3.06 or was there from the beginning of 3.05. At the moment, if I unistall widescreen mod, then sounds are ok, if I install it (whether 3.05 or 3.06) sounds are missing.


Turning EAX on or off makes no difference.

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Is this in BG1TotSC, BGT-weidu, BG1:Tutu or EasyTutu ? I ask as I don't know if it matters.

Also, have you used the Generalized Biffing ? As it could be that the game runs out of memory, or something.

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BG1TotSC. 5 CD + TotSC version. 1920x1080 if this helps with anything.


Not using Generalized Biffing or anything. I doubt it's out of memory or anything. Here is what I think is causing it:


Music, and character sounds always play from both right and left speakers simultaneously.

Spell casting sounds and others however play from the right or left speaker depending on where the character is located.

Now I have little knowledge of this, but I believe that small areas have to be expanded or something for the widescreen mod to work? Is it possible that expanding them causes the game to no longer be able to track properly the position of the character relative to the screen for the sound? As such the game thinks they are placed too far away for sound to be heard.

Just my theory...


Well, first of all can anyone replicate this? Install the mod at widescreen resolution, Go to Ramazith's tower, cas Bless, see if any sound is made? The fact that I've only noticed it now might mean that it wasn't happening before, but then again I'd very seldom cast spells in small buildings, so I might have just missed it.


Any suggestions on how to fix it? I tried playing around with sound card settings. Changing from 5.1 speaker to 2 and even to headphones. No effect. Enabling or disabling EAX doesn't help either.

Any way of disabling "surround" for these sounds? Or any other solution?

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On further testing, I can confirm that this problem is related to position of character.


On high resolutions, if you go outside to a large area, then if the caster is in a corner of the screen, you don't hear any spellcasting sounds. The closer he is to the center, the louder the sound becomes.


In small room howerver, the whole room occupies a corner of the screen, and as such the caster is deemed to be too far from the center of the screen so his casting sound is not heard. If you move him to the lower right corner of the room, which is closest to the center of the screen, you can in fact hear faint spellcasting sounds.


So the question is, can anything be done about it? While not a game breaker, I'd be happy if it could be fixed.


I'd also appreciate it, if anyone can replicate this just to make sure it's not just my PC.

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