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Spell, ForceSpell, ReallyForceSpell


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I know that ReallyForceSpell will cast a spell, uninterruptably, whether the caster actually knows the spell or not, but not wipe it from the caster's memory.


How do Spell and ForceSpell differ?

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#31 #113, #181. So only the Spellzzzz needs the memorization. The Reallyzzzz just sets the casting time to zero. While the ForceSpellzzz is in the middle of these.


Spell is normal meaning what? Will it cast the spell only if the creature has the spell memorized?
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Spell is normal meaning what? Will it cast the spell only if the creature has the spell memorized?


SpellNoDec is the one you're looking for, which doesn't require memorization.


ForceSpell() can only be interrupted by death or disabling effects (not including silence or miscast magic). Force Spell also ignores casting time modifiers, i.e. a creature with the Robe of Vecna ordered to cast Chaos via ForceSpell() will cast it at speed 4, not instantly. Another difference with ForceSpell is that it doesn't count as a creature's action for the round, so ForceSpell() followed by Spell() or UseItem() will result in the latter being carried out immediately rather than with a one round delay.


ReallyForceSpell doesn't display the casting animation or spell school graphics and can be triggered during a timestop or by a dead creature unless something else in the action block forbids it (i.e. a preceding ForceSpell(), which is not carried out under timestop). I use this in my scripts to simulate instacast spell-like abilities, i.e.:


ForceSpellRES("A^NECRO1",LastSeenBy(Myself)) // Display's swirly white necromancy graphics and sets the creature's animation to spell casting

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What's the difference between ForceSpell and ForceSpellRES, please? (IEDSP wasn't clear.)


There are 2 differences


With ForceSpellRES you specify the spell file name rather than the IDS file name. I.e. "SPWI304" rather than WIZARD_FIREBALL (using quotation marks for the former). It's usually used to cast mod-added spell not appearing in the spell.ids file.


The other difference is that target is specified after spell with ForceSpellRES whereas it's before with ForceSpell.


Same applies to SpellNoDec vs SpellNoDecRES etc.

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