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I'm back (apologies)


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How much has it been? 4-5 months? It seems an eternity for me.


First of all I want to apology to everyone, not only Arda and Mike but also all those players who were waiting for our mods and I left with 3 unfinished releases. :( It may sound a random excuse but believe me, I'm really sorry. I know modding is just a hobby but I feel like I failed many of you, from casual players to more active members like Kreso who was so actively helping me out with KR (our exchanges on the berserker stuff was so fun man). I'll do my best to make up for it as fast as possible.


Now, let's go to the plan...


Step 1) catch up with everything I left (forum posts, unfinished work-sheets, recovering the old HD, etc.)


Step 2) decide priorities (IR -> SR -> KR I think)


Step 3) set up reasonable deadlines and stick to them regardless of anything, including calamities


Step 4) start the actual work without bothering Arda and Mike until I really have a finished product to give them


And here we go.

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