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Gavin and Abssilus


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Hello folks!


I ran in a problem yesterday and hope, that you can help me with it.


I picked Gavin up an wandered to the south to Nashkell. There, a messenger appeared and asked Gavin to go back to the Temple. I told him that we will go later, but just sold some things at the vendor and traveled back north. In the Temple there was no special dialog with the priest or Gavin, but I got the quest to eliminate Bassilus (I have red, that you can miss the dialog very easy, but that´s not the problem ;) ). So we went west, knocked Bassilus into the ground (Gavin was speaking in the dialog with bassilus), took his symbol and went back to the Temple. But I couldn´t tell the priest about my sucess and he didn´t say anything about Bassilus but I had his symbol in the inventory.


Then I reloaded a savegame before the messenger came, because I figured the quest is buggy, because I didn´t went immedeatly to the Temple. So I was waiting for the messenger and he didn´t appear.

I didn´t wanted to wait langer (in the first savegame he came around Day 10, now we are past day 20) so I went myself to the Temple, got the Quest (but no special dialog from Gavin). I ended the happy family meeting, got back to the temple and still no reward...


since I encounter this problem the first time and I never played with Gavin before, I figure it has to do something with him. Any Ideas?


PS: sorry for my not-so-good english, I am not a native english speaker;).

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Okay, since nobody can or will help me i´ll ask for something different:

What Global Variables do I have to change per console to start the first Gavin Quest manually?


Sry for dualpost, but it´s something different now :)

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Hi Bjergs,

I know it's hard to bear if waiting for a reply, but the forums are slow sometimes and expecting a reply in 24 hrs is sometimes optimistic. berelinde is not as active as she would like to herself, and seems there is not many Gavin players around currently - or at least no-one who knows the mod well enough.

I'll have to look into the code myself to answer (all of) your question(s), so I am kind of still waiting for someone knowing the answer to step in first. :)

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