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Characters critically miss every time.


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Hi all,


I'm having a problem with gemrb 0.8.1 playing SoA and ToB.


I'm playing a game with Minsc, charname (a wizard), and Aerie. For some reason, Minsc and charname only ever critically miss or critically hit in combat (with the hits considerably less frequent). I have tried resting my party, having them unequip and re-equip, and casting greater restoration on them, to no effect.


The only thing I can think of that might cause the problem so selectively (not for Aerie) is that Aerie is the only character of my party who has not reached epic level.


Is there a known cause for this behaviour? Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



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you arent the first to encounter this, however, I'm not certain the cause is known. I believe the current theory is either fatigue endlessly building, or possibly something else about bonus to hit overflowing into negative territory.

The latter seems unlikely, since my wizard charname is having the problem.

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the fatigue luck malus should really not be a problem anymore. Even broken saves are partly handled, so absurdly crazy values are impossible and should go away with resting.


So yeah, a save would be handy.

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Sounds rather like an overflow than underflow if character skills and boni are added/multiplied resulting in a number too large for the used datatype which results in a negative result. I don't know the D&D rules enough to know what formulas they use.


btw (a bit offtopic but generally related to show what effects can happen): as I quickly checked for overflows I found many occurances of malloc(X*Y) which are very problematic, because if X*Y is smaller than X or Y (which is never checked!) and malloc succeeds (which is the only thing that seems to be checked), there is a high probability to screw up memory operations. In C++ malloc should never be used.


Edit: please specify on which platform you use gemrb.

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Ok, it's as expected in the save (luck corrupted, fatigue fine). Did you start the game in a different version? It's the fact that fatigue is fine that makes us skip the luck adjustment, so your corrupt value is left untouched.


Oh, you can fix it by pressing ctrl+space for the console to pop up and then issuing sps(IE_LUCK, 0). Select another party member and repeat. ctrl+space to close.

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I did in fact start the game in a


sps(IE_LUCK, 0) did the trick! Thanks very much!



It's the fact that fatigue is fine that makes us skip the luck adjustment, so your corrupt value is left untouched.


That's curious. Would that mean that not resting (thus becoming fatigued) would cause the problem to stop, too? Perhaps that's why resting made it worse for Aerie?

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Great, so nothing is amiss. :)


Not resting wouldn't help in this case, as your luck was too screwed up. Probably wouldn't help Aerie either. She seemed special, as she only had a luck of -8 (vs -43), which is not an automatic critical on a d20.

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