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Got a bug while installing smarter mages


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Smarter general AI (Sword Coast Stratagems) was installed successfully.

ERROR: error loading [stratagems_external/workspace/hla_cre.2da]
ERROR: Unix.Unix_error(20, "stat", "stratagems_external/workspace/hla_cre.2da")
Smarter Mages -> Mages never cast short-duration spells instantly at start of combat (Sword Coast Stratagems) was not installed due to errors.

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missing file "hla_cre.2da"? maybe that specific component "smarter mages" requires another specific component to be installed first or simultaneously with it? there's something like "HLA for mages" that you must install i'm afraid.


don't worry, install "hla only for TOB mages" and "only few TOB mages has hla" and you'll be fine.

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