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Hi guys. I've also posted this question in SHS.


So far, I managed to make a projectile that uses the comet as well as its explosion bam. However, there are still lot of kinks that I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix.


One is that I merged the split explosion bam sequence into one, so as to make a VVC for a pro easier. Everything went smoothly except the last two to three frames of the animation, where it visually glitches horribly. I've read somewhere that it might have been due to the limitation of the engine, having a maximum of around 200x200 px. I guess that's main reason why the original comet explosion bam was split in two? So, is there any possible workaround for this?


Another is as I've said earlier, the comet explosion animation is split into two sequences. Extracting the bmp out from its bam is easy enough, but I don't quite understand how to compile the edited ones I made back to bam format is such a way that it is split into two sequences, just like its original bam. Also, I don't know how to "instruct" the engine to play the split sequence animation side by side. Having the bam attached plainly to either a vvc or a pro doesn't do that, so I might have been missing something here...


The last is how do I emulate the comet descending-from-the-heavens animation?


If someone could instruct me on these, hopefully in detail, I would very much appreciate! Thanks! :D

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Wow... Sorry, I didn't know somebody replied here. Thanks Avenger. Yeah, I thought that too. So I planned on making a series of split bams that would play simultaneously (just like the split bam of comet's explosion) and recreate the whole comet-falling-from-the-sky-animation. But I don't know how. Is that also hardcoded?

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The comet's flight path is hardcoded to the comet projectile. It is the only projectile that falls on the target diagonally.

You can try to make a series of split bams and play them all through a .vef file, but this is not for the faint hearted.

I saw this done only once and those were pre-made bams.

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VEF is a resource format that can be used to combine several visual effects into one, effectively creating a timed sequence of effects. The format is fairly powerful because it can include other VEF files to create rather complex effect sequences. This tutorial can give some more insight into the format.

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