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[Not an issue] Jan Jansen's Gear

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Hey guys!

Long time fan of this mod. I love to use it to change the NPCs to the classes I NEED so I can play with diverse party arrangements to experience all the classes and side quests.

So far, changing the class of any NPC hasn't meant their special gear is unusable...except for Jan's. If Jan is anything but a mage/thief, he can't use his special armor, goggles, gloves, and worst of all, his flasher-launcher.

This go, I really wanted to make Jan a Ranger:Archer, but if I do he won't be able to use his flashers, which is just sad.

Does anyone know a workaround for this?

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I almost forgot how freakishly massive and obfuscated this mod's code is. However, I don't see anything that leaves Jan out of the routine that should allow any NPC to use their specific weapons. There is even a specific section for him in level1npcs.tp2, around line 7026 starting with "// let Jan use his crossbow if he can't". We could add Jan's equipment to the list of items to handle specially, but any of his non-generic equipped gear should get picked up automatically.


If you could, please paste the contents of your WeiDU.log in SPOILER tags, and also the contents of your LEVEL1NPCS.DEBUG file in SPOILER tags. Ideally, get the latter after (re)installing only the main and Jan components to cut down on the size of the file.

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Can't reproduce. Changed Jan to an archer and he was able to use all his gear, including the flasher launcher and the flashers (verified in game and also by looking at the item usability bits, which are set for a chaotic neutral gnome ranger).

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