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75% Off BG:EE & BGII:EE on Steam

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BG:EE ($4.99 USD) and BGII:EE ($6.24 USD) are on sale as a daily deal (48 hours).


This is one of the first times BGII:EE has been this cheap.


In the past, the Steam versions of these games were not updated quite as quickly as the Beamdog versions. I don't know if that's still the case or not.


Keep in mind that if you want to mod your game, you should make sure the game gets installed to a folder outside of Program Files. (The default Steam game library location is within Program Files.) Steam lets you have multiple game libraries in different locations. When you install the game, it will prompt you to choose where to install to.

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Less then 24 hours left on this deal, by my calculations. Go get it if you can; it's probably as low as these princes will get for quite some time.


(If you know, you can put up with steam.)

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Hmm, is it time for my biennial BG2 run, I wonder... ?


Hi folks! Not dead.

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