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Variable Misnomers

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LOCALS yagareturntimer is referenced only 1 times.

GLOBAL closedemogorgontemple is referenced only 1 times.

GLOBAL fschallenge is referenced only 1 times.

GLOBAL knightsdead is referenced only 1 times.

GLOBAL belljar is referenced only 1 times.

These are all appropriately referenced in ToB dialogue files.


I cannot find any use of yagareturntimer as a LOCAL
When DLTCEP says "LOCAL," it looks to mean "not GLOBAL." Most of the LOCALS are area variables. It obviously doesn't check timer references and IncrementGlobal() actions, either.


GLOBAL talkedtocult is referenced only 1 times.
Both this and KnowBeholder seem to have been intentionally omitted. I've re-enabled them locally, but the resulting dialogue paths are pretty flakey.


This appears to be another case of a late-addition cutscene (it controls a dialogue option for Cor that tells you to follow Anomen, but you have no choice to follow him and no chance to talk to Cor after you say OK to Anomen).


GLOBAL keldornguildwilliam is referenced only 1 times.
I just changed this to KeldornGuild (it controls when Keldorn is going to show up at the Radiant Heart building). It looks like he'd disappear forever before; I'm not sure what they were trying to do.


LOCALS staffpipe is referenced only 1 times.
I saw this one before; I have absolutely no idea what's happening here. As far as I can tell, StaffPipe is never, ever set, but it isn't breaking the dialogue (maybe the CRE has an override dialogue; I'll have to check). This is used in the dialogue for the kobold shaman in the sewers, and I'm absolutely positive that the dialogue works (the only other top-level state is True() and I don't think I've ever been able to trigger it). So I'm not sure how Global("StaffPipe","AR0404",1) is evaluating to true...


EDIT: it seems that, for some crazy reason, I had removed the SetGlobal("StaffPipe","AR0404",1) from PIPE04.BCS here (oops!). In a default installation, then, there is no issue with this variable (it's only ever set to enable this dialogue).


LOCALS minister4 is referenced only 1 times.
Although the variable here isn't important (it's never used and doesn't matter), I found another problem with UHMAY01.DLG
IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 38 // from: 37.1 37.0
 SAY #32192 /* ~Yes... yes, of course. I... I think this is all I can offer you, my <PRO_LADYLORD>. I hope that is sufficient.~ */
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~GivePartyGold(500)
AddExperienceParty(28000)~ GOTO 36

IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 39 // from: 37.2
 SAY #32193 /* ~You... you are very kind. It is good to know there are valiant and generous folk still in Faerun...~ */
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddExperienceParty(25000)~ GOTO 36

And here I always thought I was doing the right thing by refusing his paltry reward. I set them both to 25000 (it's arguable, but I think BioWare would have done something like 27500 instead).


LOCALS korgancomplain is referenced only 1 times.
This may have been intentionally removed. After Korgan's first complaint, after six days he'll complain again. If KorganJ.DLG is updated, he should go to state 1, but he'll leave the party no matter what. I've restored it locally, since it's worth Korgan leaving if you get to hear him call you a lant-quaffer. Edited by devSin
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