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IR v4 Beta (last update 20 June 2017)

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Sorry for my disappearance.


Can I get an invite to the Item Revisions V4 beta? About to start a new run and I love what I see with this mod and I'm eager to try it out.

I too would like to try out the beta, all of the revision betas in fact!

PMs sent. Edited by Demivrgvs
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I would like to try the beta version, could you please send me a link? I'd like to try it in IWDEE, do you have any advice about install order, compatibility with other mods, or other known issues?


I'd be happy to help reporting anything I find on my own.



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The "item abilities" for the Hatchet are not terribly descriptive:




Should probably say something like "ranged" vs "melee". Or maybe "Hatchet" vs "Throwing Hatchet".

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Should probably say something like "ranged" vs "melee". Or maybe "Hatchet" vs "Throwing Hatchet".

I'm a bit rusty but afair there's no "hatchet" within IR, only "hand-axe". Is it added by EE or another mod?

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Are you doing IR/SR stuff on this side of the summer?



Yes. I actually started a bit last week (the 1PP related issues are not fun to handle), but everytime I get back from a long "vacation" it's hard for me to get in shape for modding again. I hope to quickly return to how things were this winter when I was really enjoying myself (I was releasing new builds almost every 2 weeks). :)

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