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Here's the most recent version: https://www.dropbox....052015.zip?dl=0

- spawns bunnies in most woodland areas

- squirrels!

- fix for Firebead and Nessie

- horses get dialogue, but not much

Install: before game start if possible

Talking: Cows, Cats, Eagles, Rats

Encounters: Rabbits, NE corner of Beregost map; Birds, Coast Way, just north of caravan

Potion of Talking: talk to Firebead in Candlekeep, or ask Gellana Mirrorshade for advice

Other Points of Interest: Cat-killing doppelganger, Reevor's Rat Quest (Prologue), Nessa the Cow (Prologue)

Resource Sharing: Patches dialogue and/or override files into cow.cre, cowh.cre, cat.cre, catp.cre, eagle.cre, rat.cre, rat2.cre


The Cow Goes Moo


The cow goes moo and ruminates on philosophy, the cats quote Nietzche, the rats... the rats want to be your friend...


I've been working on a small joke mod for BG1, partly as a tutorial project. I've tried making it crossplatform compatible - I've checked it for BGT, but don't have Tutu or EE to try it out on.


So yeah... if you've got a spare half hour, either Tutu or EE, and feel like hanging out with talking animals for a bit, I'd appreciate the help.




Just because the cow *can* talk, doesn't mean it will...


Charname, Defender of Cats


So far:


- The mod is confined to BG1, with plans to expand later.


- - - You need to enter an area for the first time for the patches to take, or visit Farmer Ted's Cow at the Friendly Arm Inn or Central Baldur's Gate.

- - - This will overwrite any other mod patches to the cows and cats (though I don't know of any atm).


- All "Creature has nothing to say to you" replies are transformed to animal sounds.


- Using a Potion of Spurious Plot Device obtained from Firebead (Candlekeep), or Gellana Mirrorshade (Friendly Arm Inn) will access the philosophy and Nietzche.


- The revolutionary chickens are coming... (not written or coded yet, though).


If you're interested, PM me and I'll get you a download link.


Thank you in advance,



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@jastey - thanks :) Don't worry, there's no hurry - it ain't exactly 'deep' or time sensitive. I'll PM you the link now.



Can we have crossmod content with Umar Chicken Redemption?

The only Umar Chicken Redemption I could find was an ancient, entertaining forum thread... but I suppose there could be.


Oh. Oh. Just considered the potential for non-human Bhaalspawn in ToB. Attack, my furry brethren!

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Oh. Oh. Just considered the potential for non-human Bhaalspawn in ToB. Attack, my furry brethren!

Yeah, the 3000 rats, that are Bhaals grand grand grand... kids. "Darn, I cannot believe this... must have really been drunk that morning... good thing, I'll never need to drink that gnomes swill ever again."

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The only Umar Chicken Redemption I could find was an ancient, entertaining forum thread... but I suppose there could be.



I know I wrote a very short story building off of the concept, but alas, I cannot find it.


If you don't make it into BG2 to use the concept, I now know how Keto's TOB content will explain how her Keto's (spoiler) was (spoilered) the day she lost her memory.


Whether Keto will be willing to forgive the Umar chickens is another story entirely.

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You know what? I'm just going to make this an open beta. If anybody wants a go there's a download link at the start of this topic.


(If you don't want to spend time with Farmer Ted's Cow, then I can only applaud your good taste and wisdom...)


New! Cute Rabbits in Beregost, and some lovestruck birds that just gotta sing on Coast Way.

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The rats... the rats think you're swell, and they want to be your friend...





(As I have no artistic chops, when I made creature portraits I looked for photos with remix licences and worked from there. The model for this particular Creature of Doom is called 'Petal' and... I had a lot of trouble demonising someone's beloved pet. I tried!)




Rat: (If NumInParty(2)) ~Thou walkst in good company, I see.~
= ~Thee, and they, and thy shadow maketh three.~
= ~Sssssss.~


Rat: ~Th'tenderness of thee, y'r grace.~

= ~Thy noble mien, aye, and the force o' thee in thy striving.~

= ~Have thought on us, an thou wouldst, who might serve thee on a time.~
Rat: ~Worst. Polymorph. Ever.~
And, I can never seem to get pictures to show up in the forum. (Sorry.)
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BG:EE, and have other mods installed. Let me know whether you want a weidu-log.

Clearing Reevor's storage house was never more fun! This is hilarious.
But unfortunately, he doesn't seem to accept the result. First, after talking the rats into leaving, he gives me the mod-added dialogue: "~Well? Have you done it, kid? Are you a *trooper*?~", and my PC answered "I *am* a trooper. (...)", and he says: "~There's something about you, kid, that makes me want to scream. What do you think: fear or frustration?~".

Now all that happened is the original game dialogue for open quest: "~Well, what are you waiting for? Go get 'em soldier!~". But the rats are gone...

Looking into the .d, maybe the last three reply options should point ot Reevor's dialogue state "2" (=solved quest) instead to 3?

And there is another difference in BG:EE. This is the (modded) reevor.dlg for BG:EE - it works with ""SPRITE_IS_DEADREVRAT"":


// creator : weidu (version 23400)
// argument : REEVOR.DLG
// game : .
// source : ./override/REEVOR.DLG
// dialog : lang\en_us/dialog.tlk
// dialogF : (none)

// WARNING: this file contains non-trivial WEIGHTs

IF WEIGHT #1 /* Triggers after states #: 4 even though they appear after this state */
~ NumberOfTimesTalkedTo(0)
~ THEN BEGIN 0 // from:
SAY #16210 /* ~I thought I asked you to clean the rats out of this building yesterday, already. Hop to it! Get in there!~ */
IF ~~ THEN UNSOLVED_JOURNAL #27411 /* ~Reevor's Storehouse
Reevor has once again pressed me into service in his storehouse. All reports suggest that our feline forces have turned traitor and that the rats are on the offensive. It appears that I am our last hope in the face of such an awesome display of power. Farewell, dear Journal... Farewell.~ */ EXIT

IF WEIGHT #2 /* Triggers after states #: 4 even though they appear after this state */
~ THEN BEGIN 1 // from: 4.1 4.0
SAY #16211 /* ~Well, what are you waiting for? Go get 'em soldier!~ */

IF WEIGHT #3 /* Triggers after states #: 4 even though they appear after this state */
~ THEN BEGIN 2 // from:
SAY #16212 /* ~Ah yes, kill them like the rats that they are! A glorious battle unlike any this world has ever seen... Here's 5 gold pieces, don't spend it all in one place.~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~AddexperienceParty(50)
~ SOLVED_JOURNAL #27412 /* ~Reevor's Storehouse
Mental note: don't join the armed forces. They never inform you of the full danger when you enter and they always pay you squat when you leave. Reevor gave me all of five gold pieces for putting my life on the line in there... isn't there a Candlekeep People's Revolutionary Front I can join, somewhere???~ */ EXIT

IF WEIGHT #4 /* Triggers after states #: 4 even though they appear after this state */
~ False()
~ THEN BEGIN 3 // from: 4.4 4.3 4.2
SAY #16213 /* ~There's something about you, kid, that makes me want to scream. What do you think: fear or frustration?~ */
IF ~~ THEN DO ~EraseJournalEntry(87349)

IF WEIGHT #0 ~ !Global("T1CMReevorRatQuest","GLOBAL",0)
~ THEN BEGIN 4 // from:
SAY #87353 /* ~Well? Have you done it, kid? Are you a *trooper*?~ */
IF ~ Global("T1CMReevorRatQuest","GLOBAL",1)
~ THEN REPLY #87354 /* ~Meh. Whatever. Maybe later.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("T1CMTalkedReevor","LOCALS",1)
~ GOTO 1
IF ~ Global("T1CMReevorRatQuest","GLOBAL",1)
~ THEN REPLY #87355 /* ~Do it yourself, Reevor. Just go straight in - your body odour will drop them soon enough.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("T1CMTalkedReevor","LOCALS",1)
~ GOTO 1
IF ~ OR(2)
~ THEN REPLY #87356 /* ~I like to think they've gone to a better place...~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("T1CMTalkedReevor","LOCALS",1)
~ GOTO 3
IF ~ Global("T1CMReevorRatQuest","GLOBAL",2)
~ THEN REPLY #87357 /* ~The rats won't be troubling you... for now.~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("T1CMTalkedReevor","LOCALS",1)
~ GOTO 3
IF ~ OR(2)
~ THEN REPLY #87358 /* ~I *am* a trooper. I am the LAW. No half-used, leaky storage shed will stand *corrupted* while I STAND VIGILANT, no sir!~ */ DO ~SetGlobal("T1CMTalkedReevor","LOCALS",1)
~ GOTO 3

Spottet this in the thecowgoesmoo.d:

// Reevor Stuff


(Misses the %tutu_var% )

And for Dreppin's cow, I somehow expected her to say "ouch" - at least Drepping says she is ill? (I guess it's difficult to implement, as the cow probably doesn't have a specific cre/dlg file with DV).

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Thank you very much for your help, Jastey :)


Reevor seems determined to drive me mad - his stateblocks are ordered differently in BGT (and possibly Tutu) than EE, and looks like he uses a different trigger to determine the end of the quest. (There's a global called "RatsKilled".)


I think what I will do is EXIT after ~I *am* a trooper...~ etc., get Reevor to restart the dialogue, and let his solved-quest dialogue kick in.


I can set "SPRITE_IS_DEADREVRAT" manually, yes?


And - would you mind checking the death variable and creature name of the rats in the storage house? (They seem different, too.)




The Candlekeep cows are all generic, but I can drop in a special quest cow with a sore stomach, easily enough.




EDIT: What was Phlydia's book doing in the haystack, anyway...? I can work with this.

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Ha, that sounds like Reevor, alright - unfriendly guy.

The rats have all the DV "REVRAT" in BG:EE.

Setting "SPRITE_IS_DEADREVRAT" to 5 did the trick, yes (I checked).


Hm, I wonder who would take a book into the hay. Not Dreppin's cow, I guess... :)

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My first attempt at a work-around has failed dismally. I suspect that I'm tired and missing something small in the syntax, so I'll try another assault tomorrow. This ain't over, Reevor. It ain't over.


On the plus side, Dreppin's cow is about half-written. Only problem is her name changes from Nessa (Prologue) to Arabelle (Return) which is also the name of Hulrik's Cow. Um... (I'll work something out.)

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