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It's... really that easy?


// Check //


Yes, yes it is really that easy. Thanks, Mike :)


(I am not going to bash my head against the wall here, because poking through the WeiDU doc was very informative, if not immediately applicable. Holy ***, but the guys who designed all this are awesome.)

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Played with the 18102014. Reevor quest ends OK now (but I didn't check the journal entry because I just marched into the storehouse. - Forgot to drink the potion the first time..)


My PC also took Nessa's reading... And then she was asking herself whether there would be a way to neutralize the Ancient Dragon Blood - because knowing what animals talk can be quite confusing, sometimes (is there an official possibility to end the mod in-game?) She would have liked to tell Firebead about what she encountered, but the old man was too absent minded to really listen, and only hushed her to Gorion.


And for BG:EE, the draqgon blood is "not usable by wizard slayer" (I guess the restriction is valid for BGT/Tutu, too), not sure that's intended.


In T1CMRats_AR6506.baf:

"CreateCreature("Rat",[237.288],4)" should be "CreateCreature("%tutu_var%Rat",[237.288],4)", I think.


That will be all from my side, for now. I only started the game to ensure BG1NPC project installs fine, but I might play on later.

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