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[Fixed in v2] XP-matching script update


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Oh - to be clear - this mod replaces the xp scripts run by Level 1 NPCs, but l1npcs does the tricky work of setting things going when the NPC joins.


Choose when/if you want NPC XP to be matched as normal in Level1NPCs -without that set up these scripts do nothing.

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The cool thing about the IE community is that every once in a while, some badass Linux user comes out of nowhere, drops a rad contribution like this, then vanishes in a puff of smoke like a ninja.


I've incorporated this into v2 as an optional component, dependent on the original component that matches NPC joining/rejoining XP point matching. I pretty much dropped it in as-is, with just a few installer optimizations. So I don't have a whole lot of time for testing or support, but I can at least confirm it installs/compiles on Windows and seems to do a good (and quick) job of XP matching in the simpler configurations.

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Cheers, but I think you overestimate my badass ninja powers :) If any issues turn up please PM me (or reply to this topic) and it should turn up in my e-mail.


Have to admit that I've had a bit of a BG2 break since AI War and Borderlands 2 came out for Linux.

I'll have to get back to BG2 and continue trying out my customized values for Full Plate (another awesome mod for fiddlers).

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