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SR V4 Open Beta (last update 25 October 2018)

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Are you using latest SR version? Iirc, this issue was fixed some time ago.

Yes. I downloaded this one via Demi's dropbox link on April 7th 2016. So unless a new version came out since then, I have the latest.

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I'm not sure if Demi still keeps that archive up to date. The latest version can be downloaded from the first post in this thread.

Yup that was it. Sorry guys was using outdated version. I'm back in business. :)

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I can´t decide between sorc and wild mage with spell rev. I´m afraid the 5-spells-per-lvl approach of the sorc makes me miss out on too many awesome spells with this mod, on the other hand I´m planning on doing a tactical install and I need raw power.


Also a bit off topic, but since I suspect many ppl here know the magic system as well as this mod very well I wanted to ask your opinion on the Wild Mage additions spells.


Some of them seem like they would be insanely fun to use but others seem beyond cheesy, for example the very first spell in the list, Blade Shower.

In context of SR, would you say those spells are game-breakingly cheesy?

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Protection from Magical Weapons seems to be broken in V4b12. It currently protects from non-magical weapons also; this seems to have been caused by "PfMW tweaked to allow "weapons with +7 enchantment" to bypass it", as the version of the spell found in V3 doesn't do this. PfMW currently has one instance of opcode 120 for each enchantment level it's supposed to protect against, but that's apparently redundant because, if used to protect against weapons of a certain enchantment level, the opcode protects from weapons up to and including that enchantment level. Oddly enough, this seems to include non-magical weapons.


Prismatic Mantle also protects from +3 weapons, when it's supposed to stop only up to +2 weapons, per the description.


This is on BG2EE v2.0.


(what weapons have a +7 enchantment anyway?)

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The Vampiric Touch items in vanilla are 10, for the record.

Item ? That's a .spl ... the spell casts and doesn't produce an item... just a cast-able effect. That doesn't need a enchantment. Vanilla. Hmm, been sniffing at it, yeah ? :p

You mean the "Vampite Touch" item(vamt01.itm etc)s ? I haven't actually ran to anyone/anything that uses those. Most of the vampire .cre files use the vamp.itm etc... items that drain the players levels.

If the balance were to be effected, one should form all these to be uniform.


Good point, too bad nothing actually has it in usage, that I see. The vampires a bit OP, yeah. The level drain is worse, at least from my point of view, than a magic melee attack ...

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Pierce Magic and Pierce Shield don't really 'pierce' anything. Both Pierce Shield and Pierce Magic seem to have most effects set to 0 power, and they return a "spell ineffective" string if used against someone protected by Spell Shield or Dispelling Screen, for instance.


Also, the Pierce Magic in the Wand of Spell Striking doesn't remove Spell Shield.


edit2: it seems that spwi805b isn't flagged as secondary type MAGICATTACK, which meand it's absorbed by GSD/Spell Trap if cast by anyone else than the character protected.

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Is Break Enchantment (SPPR308, I think?) supposed to have opcode 169 - immunity to special effect icon (55 - stun) with permanent duration? Wouldn't that make later stuns' icons not show up on your portrait? It already has remove special effect icon 55 later down...


I'm not sure what I was looking at, but it wasn't SR's Break Enchantment.


(e): Priest's Poison sound effect after the poison has ended does not check for a saving throw - that is to say, if the creature hit by the Poison saves vs. poison when the spell is initially cast upon them, there will still be a sound effect of the poison expiring (...should a poison really have an expiring sound to begin with?) 60 seconds later.


(e): On another note, Vampiric Touch's (SPWI314)'s level 5 effect (aka level 1 effect) does 2d6 damage instead of just a flat 6 damage, as it should do per the description.


(e): In the level 18th version of Fire Shield, the fifth effect is an opcode 84 (reduced damage from magical fire) that is not in any of the others.


(e): Protection from Missiles has a duration of 60 instead of the listed 120.


(e): The sound effect for Disintegration has a save vs. spell instead of a save vs. breath.


(e): Priest's Holy Smite has mismatched saves for the blindness and damage effects.

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