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Wait...did I read that there is...

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a Valygar Romance ToB by Kulyok?


Does that mean a REAL romance? Not just a banter or two, or flirts and then abandonment and a sad ending...but perhaps...just perhaps...a HAPPY ending with Valygar?


>_< It just seems too good to be possibly true. But I'll hope and hope that it is true.


Wait...but this is Romantic ENCOUNTERS. That doesn't mean anything besides an encounter, right?


Am I wrong? I hope I'm wrong!


Gah...sorry for the wall of text here, but the idea of something happy with Valygar has been a dream of mine for such a long time. Even if the encounter comes to nothing, I'll still want to experience it.

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Well, woo hoo! I'll play it! A romance for Valygar... and yes, he IS all kinds of awesome. :)


It's hard to tell with Kulyok whether or not it will end happily. I have to say, tho, that in the Bioware Epilogue it always irked me that during the game he said he would never want to risk extending his family line, and in the Epilogue he gets married! So, what the heck was wrong with my pc, in that case? Why NOT her?


I'll have to risk my poor little pc's heart and see. Thank you for responding, Thimblerig.

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You can play Valygar romance, and yes, it's kind of happy in ToB. ;) With an epilogue and everything! (unless you choose to romance bonded Xan and let Xan die - then Valygar will only run a respectful friendship, because of your loss).

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*heaves huge sigh of relief and happiness*

Thank you, Kulyok! Thank you, thank you, thank you! It's about time someone gives Valygar some happiness. Well, and the pc, too. :) And since I now know it is not a wallowing pit of misery I'll start up ToB right now! :D


Yes, I do remember the lovely friendship he gives you in Xan's Bonded Path. That was so sweet and endearing.


I'm glad ToB can be rather short, tho, if one wants it to be, so I can spend more time with Valygar and less with some of the side quests. I can't wait! After all these months of RL being so sorrowful and wrenching for me, I am happy to return to something I have loved for years and have something to look forward to in it. Now I can relax and enjoy. :)

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Indeed; hardly banal!


I spent all of last night playing ToB and each and every Lovetalk was so sweet and hopeful and made me happy.


I did make one mistake tho, and possibly missed one talk. I have Gahesh installed and his romance Commitment point is not really clear so I accidentally "lost" Valygar and ended up with him going silent and getting his regular Epilogue. Luckily, I remembered enough of Shadowkeeper to set Gahesh to Romance Variable 3, booted Valygar's number (whatever it said - I don't recall for certain, 15 up to 17?) up by 2, killed Gahesh, replaced him with Jaheira, and that resumed Valygar's talks and I got the terrific Epilogue.


Kulyok, thank you from the bottom of my heart. YOU are all kinds of awesome for being here still, after all these years, and still being so helpful and continuing to make this beloved game better and better.


You've made this old(er) lady (I'm nearly 50) very happy. Good thing I'm young at heart or I'd feel so old and silly. I think a modder or two is close to my age, however, so I guess age is not a negative factor. :)


I have to say that one of my favourite lines EVER (in any romance) has to be when Valygar said, "That ... has to be the best excuse for waiting that I've ever heard." LOL! Maybe you remember the part I mean... ;)


Anyway, thank you for making my night. No, my week, Kulyok. Truly. <3

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This! Yes! I've been waiting for a Valygar romance since I started playing again!

OMG...you'll LOVE it! True, there are no PID's, but it doesn't really matter since the LT's are so terrific. Let me know how you like him! Er ... I mean, how you LOVE him!


I just started playing again for the umpteenth time again during all these years and Kulyok's Valygar really made it all so worthwhile. *sighs and almost swoons* I'm still happy!

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Well I had to start playing again to run the Valygar mini romance and so glad I did. I just finished it. Of course it makes my fan girl heart want more (PID! Especially after the first kiss!) but I'm grateful for what we got. My only gripe? I expected him to be more bashful/ uncertain/ eager about the physical side of love. He's a 30 (?) year old virgin! He should have all sorts of pent up yearnings happening. But his love talks were everything I've come to expect from Kulyok. Yay you!

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I don't think he's supposed to be a virgin, exactly... he's supposed to have (by developer intent) been in a relationship with Suna Sei. Of course, developer intent is to be used and discarded as one wants...

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