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So far, I'm really enjoying it. I'd love to see the EE NPC's included. (Well, Hexxat and Rasaad, anyway. I'm not sure the Cowled Wizards would put a Wild Mage in charge of the Sphere (then again, she doesn't have to tell them...), and Nalia is far too smart to leave the Keep to Dorn, I believe.)


(Though if you didn't want to write a full thing for them, but still wanted to include them, I could see Renal refusing Hexxat because she's a vampire, and Rasaad declining because he doesn't feel he can put the Keep first in his chase for revenge, and thinks the people would deserve a ruler who could fully commit (plus, he's a street orphan).)


I'm playing on BG2EE, and did run in to two bugs.


One's not your fault, as far as I know: it's the damned ranger stronghold being as buggy as usual. Minsc received the cabin, and then received the first quest, killed the nobles, and talked to the forest spirit and saved the day. The second had the little boy Delan (or whatever his name is) appear on my screen, have a text over his head ('I have an offer for you' or something), then disappear before I could talk to him to get the orog attack. I used a script fixer CamDawg uploaded last year on the BG2EE forums and managed to get the little boy to spawn and talk to Minsc, and then the Mayor properly talked to Minsc... but although Malduf and the little boy were in the cave, the orgogs or ogrogs or whatever they are and the orc archers never spawned. So I ended up just giving up on Minsc and sending him to live in Umar Hills. Maybe he'd find them one day? As I said, I think this is just BGII being stupid: I've had that stupid kid bug on me in the original, the original with the BG2 fixpack component that's supposed to fix it, and now BGIIEE, but if there's anything you can look at it, it would be awesome.


The other bug is much smaller, and actually ended up kind of funny. Because the paladin stronghold allows you to basically just keep going, I finished it far before any of the others with Keldorn. This caused the prelate to get stuck on 'Welcome back, Keldorn' (or something of that like). This led to problems with Anomen came to take his test: dramatic conversation with Sir Ryan Trawl, he sends us before the Prelate, Anomen asks me to follow him, and... 'Welcome back, Keldorn' says the Prelate, completely ignoring poor Anomen. (This also led to a bug with the Ajantis mod, where Ajantis needs to talk to the Prelate to tell him they killed the red dragon.) Kicking Keldorn out of the party for both those parts allowed them to proceed normally, so it's not a huge deal, but it happened.


Other then that, everything is working perfectly. Nalia offered Anomen the fighter stronghold (I had him decline- saving him for Helm), Cernd was given the druid stronghold (though I abandoned him to it), and Anomen and Aerie were both approached in the Temple district (though I chose Helm, and then the Ser Sarras quest was also given to Anomen)... hm, need to finish that. Saved the Thief Stronghold till I get back from Underdark, and going to see how Imoen does there.


Thank you for this mod; it's quite enjoyable. :) I really like the idea...

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I should emphasize that I certainly own no copyright on the idea of an NPC getting a stronghold. Whether I ever write/code something like that for a specific mod NPC or not, the modder who made that NPC might do so.

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I am playing a large BGT installation that I did with the BWS tool and I was unaware I even installed this mod until this day.


Nice surprise.

In the druid grove with Jaheira in my party she challenged and defeated Faldorn and received the stronghold.

No bugs at all and really well done - much better than the multiple stronghold option for the PC that was available before. You can do the quests and the story is much more logical this way.

I await the next stronghold - as my PC is a monk, I anticipate that more of my party members will get them instead of myself.


A mod that really enriches the game.

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Hi I'm loving the mod, currently have Anomen for the De'Arnise keep, Nalia for the Thieves' Guild and my PC obtained planar sphere as a F/M. No bug so far but one point annoys me : When you have Viconia as the only evil member and she's the only cleric who qualifies for cleric stronghold you miss a lot of rewards if you don't read all the spoilers about who can get what. I think she should outright refuse to help the Talosans and game should resume with spawning another temple's leader/questgiver.

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Thanks! I'm glad you like it.


Now, some spoilers for the Viconia part of the mod:


When you take Viconia to the Temple of Talos, she says:


~I do not know why <CHARNAME> brought me here, but I have no interest in working for you, moronic rivvil. Shar is the only deity I serve, and will remain so.~


and your journal adds this:


~Investigate and destroy the Cult of the Eyeless.

Viconia is quite adamant in her refusal to work for the Temple of Talos, and the Stormherald of the Talos temple didn't even look at anyone else in the party. We could still investigate the cult, which is apparently found in the sewers, but it seems unlikely that there would be a reward in it. Perhaps one of the other temples would be more likely to offer a reward for investigating the cult.~

and you can, right up until you've turned in the quest at the Temple of Talos and gotten the basic "no cleric" reward, take Aerie or Anomen to one of the other temples instead, so it seems to me that the mod already does do what you ask.

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Thank you for this great mod! It really should have been there to begin with - I can scarcely believe it took 10 years for the crude multi-stronghold mod of old to mature into this perfect example of seamless integration. It's great to see the NPCs' presence acknowledged, for once, and not have every side quest revolve around Charname. I'm very happy that you decided on having them make their own decisions, at times. Haer'Dalis orchestrating the Playhouse seemed especially appropriate to me - I will say that I think this quest line actually works better for him than a Bard PC.


The truth is, there are certain NPCs which just fit a stronghold much better than others, so I will probably never see most of this mod, but as for those choice picks, everything works fine. The only scenario I could imagine someone leaving Jaheira to the Druid grove rather than Cernd, for example, would be if the latter had found an unfortunate demise. Same goes for the Thieves' Guild, really. Nalia embraces her commitments to the Keep after her father's death, and Imoen has bigger things to worry about, leaving it firmly in Jan's (unfirm) hands. I placed CN!Anomen at the Temple of Helm (it seemed plausible to me as a sort of penance mission), and I was delighted to see you had accounted for this eventuality! The outcome was definitely the high point of this mod. :devlook: Can't say anything about the Keep or Planar Sphere plots as I went through those with my main character.


There was an incompatibility with Extended Thief Stronghold, but it was due to that mod's handling of the area script, not yours. I fixed it easily enough by simply merging the two area scripts together. Which reminds me - I sided with Bodhi, but somehow Jan never got kicked out of his stronghold. I suppose that may be another incompatibility at work, but I can actually see it quite well: Jan rounding up the remaining Shadow Thieves and galvanising them under his leadership. Of course, they should ideally go underground between chapters 3 and 6 then, but since Charname is away from Athkatla during these chapters anyway, I could easily just imagine them doing precisely that in the meantime. In my opinion, the mod could make an exception there, provided Jan is actually left behind to care for his guild in the meantime - he is thrifty enough to somehow survive some time against Bodhi. His (weakened) thieves could then even serve as an ally against her in Chapter VI!


I also did experience the same problems with the Ranger stronghold (for Minsc) as noted already in the Bug thread, but was able to play around them by adjusting variables manually. I figure more detail isn't needed, as documentation in the Bug thread is already sufficient. Overall, I would say that the 'incompatibility with BigWorld' mentioned in your readme is an overstatement. It would be a shame if people were too scared to install this mod, after all!

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