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Glam Vrock

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Have an issue with Littluns improved crossbow. She has now 4.5 attackts/round. Looks like one to much (1 base, +0.5 for fighter class, +0.5 for Level 7 +1.5 of the crossbow should be 3.5) . Same for ETW0 Bonus: +3 instead of the two mentioned in the description. I would guess that the effects mentioned in the description have been just added to the previous ones. Checked the item with NI but couldn't find the Problem... 

edit: seems to be a Cache Problem. After reloading the number of attacks is 3.5 like expected.

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Hmm, I don't think that fix with that shady potion dealer in Nashkel carnival was all that successful. This time you get the potion and lose money even if you refuse it. I suggest to implement it after player's answer, not before it. 

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On 12/6/2019 at 12:07 AM, Shin said:

Had a severe and extremely strange bug with Dave, that might be related to him being sent to an area that doesn't exist upon dismissal. I haven't managed to locate the exact cause, but basically what happened was this:

1. My game started slowing down severely as I was playing through BG1 -- it got to a point where loading started to take 20 seconds or more.

2. After some searching it turned out that my .gam save file had started growing exponentially in size, and that the culprit was the GV#DAVE.cre file it contained. Somehow Dave, located in FRIENDLY.are had started to memorize multiple copies of SPCL721, his storm shield ability. When the slowdown became noticable, he had literally several hundred thousand memorizations of storm shield and took up substantially more memory than everything else in the file combined.

3. Fixing this was more grueling than expected, since programs I tried to edit the file with would either crash upon trying to remove the quantities of data, or put out a corrupted save file that would crash the game upon loading. Eventually I ended up removing his memorization through a console-activated script action, and even that was tricky since the game would freeze whenever I entered the same area as Dave. Getting rid of his many, many copies of storm shield reduced the size of my .gam file from close to 7mb to ~370kb, and everything now runs smoothly again.

As stated I'm not sure about the exact cause of this bug, but it may well be more than just his faulty dismissal location since there aren't any other reports. Didn't find anything in his script or items that would seem able to cause it either, but posting here in case someone else runs into this belligerent and bizarrely bugged behaviour.


Quoting myself as after a new install I'm having the exact same issue with Dave; for some reason he keeps amassing copies of SPCL721 inside his .cre file until it bloats the save and causes slowdowns. Still can't really find a good reason for this: nothing that seems to explain it in his script, items or dialogue. The ability in question is from his kit, but can't see how that would cause it either.

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These guys are all so much fun, Glam.


I imagine these things are intentional, but just in case, I'll post them here:

Littlun didn't spawn when I arrived at Bear River for the first time after having cleared the gnoll stronghold.

Dave didn't have anything to say after the change of leadership in his quest. I assume he's meant to say something about getting a gift. We'd already done the Kozah tomb and decided to bury it, if that's relevant.


Super duper enjoying them all!! Well, all except Littlun, who I'm sure I'll find next playthrough.

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On 8/21/2020 at 6:51 PM, Shin said:

Quoting myself as after a new install I'm having the exact same issue with Dave; for some reason he keeps amassing copies of SPCL721 inside his .cre file until it bloats the save and causes slowdowns. Still can't really find a good reason for this: nothing that seems to explain it in his script, items or dialogue. The ability in question is from his kit, but can't see how that would cause it either.

The only thing I could imagine is that upon kickout(?) and rejoin the engine evaluates the kits anew and assigns the hp and kit abilities etc. anew to the creature. (Not that I'd know what I am talking about here.) Also, if the group is resting, then creatures are resetted somehow (area coordinates, hp, etc.) So I would assume that there is something going wonky maybe every time you rest since you say that it happens while he is not in party. The question is whether it's still a glitch on your game somehow but if you started the new install with a fresh game as well then it might be more. What engine are you on, @Shin?

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@jastey I'm running an EET and EEex game on the Beamdog version, Windows. It's a completely new and different install from my last report, and also the mod was updated since. My mod setup however is rather similar.

Anyway, when investigating this the only suspicious thing I found was in SPCL721.spl itself, the storm shield ability given to priests of Talos. Unlike their other kit ability SPCL722 (lightning bolt), SPCL721 is designated as a priest spell rather than innate ability, and also has exclusion flag 30 (cleric/paladin). My hypothesis was that this could cause issues when the game attempted to add it as an innate ability as part of the kit, hence why it might have caused a loop adding it over and over. 

I'm not sure if this is vanilla behaviour or brought on by something else in my install, though -- seeing as no one else seems to have run into this issue, it could well be the latter. And also if that ability is indeed the problem it should cause the same issue for all NPC priests of Talos.. not that I've had any others than Dave in my game. At any rate, as far as I could observe the behaviour started after I had picked up Dave into the party and then kicked him out again. He essentially stands inside the Friendly Arm and amasses thousands of memorizations, to a point where his spell list takes up more space than everything else in the save file put together. By the time this became noticable (slowdowns when loading a game), several weeks of in-game time had passed, and a fair amount of travel and resting done by me.

To soIve the issue I ended up replacing Dave's script with one that auto-casted a spell to erase all his memorization, which worked well. I then switched back to his normal script + edited SPCL721 to be innate and with no exclusion flags, and so far he seems to be ok.

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Minor typo in one of Flara's chats. How did that cheeky # get there?:


IF ~~ t8.9
SAY ~I do not give, <CHARNAME>, and I do not indebt myself. It would # I am. What I *know* I am.~

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Greetings, @Glam Vrock!

According to Big World Setup...

DSotSC/Glam's NPC Pack: "Dave NPC bugs Idol of Koszah: NTotSC or SandrahNPC or DSotSC or Vault is conflicting with GlamNPCPack."  I have the Vault mod selected but not Sandrah.

(Note that Dark Side of the Sword Coast in BWS is considered a dependency of Northern Tales of the Sword Coast.)

May we get these fixed?


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I haven't played these mods myself, but I assume the problem is that they use the idol of Kozah for quest content. However, at the end of Dave's quest, the idol gets replaced in your inventory, which would prevent other mods from recognising it. It's not a bug, just a compatibility issue. To work around it, you could just wait to finish Dave's quest until you've done whatever else you need to do with the idol. Unless those quests also remove or replace it, in which case you'd have to cheat in another copy. I didn't realise so many other people were using the thing!

Note that all issues reported are being worked on. I'm hoping to release the new version with a heaping helping of crossmod content, so please excuse the delay.

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