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How to make a new multi-class?


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It's possible to create certain fake dual- and multi-classes. For example, one of the new cleric kits in LoI will emulate the druid, allowing you to have mage/druids, etc. There'll also be several "monk" kits (really kits for various other classes) that will be dualable.


In the meantime, if you're absolutely desperate for such multi-classes, you could always use Icewind Gate 2 (which converts BG2 to the Icewind Dale 2 engine).

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Yes, there is.

I've made a program similar to xppatcher for bg2 which alters the level limit of iwd2.

Both of these were hosted at TeamBG before its demise.

A mod that I'm working on right now provides experience progression up to level 50 in IWD2. It will probably be available within the next few weeks.

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Since TeamBG isn't available, are there any other places can I get the patch.

Is it very difficult to make a XPpatch ? I made changes to XPlevel.2da, only to make the game crash when the character gets some XP. :) If it's not very complicated, can someone teach me?

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