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Things to come.

Glam Vrock

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There will be at least two quests, one for Littlun and one for Flara. (Or, to give them their full names, Littlun Plunkett and Flara Burnheart.)


Others are up in the air. Ideally everyone will get one, but I don't want to throw them in just for the sake of having them. They need to develop the characters in some way.

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Well, as long as they comment on certain and important situations in BG1 (like the BG1 NPC project did) everything is fine with me.


Any plans on doing some crossbanter with Flinch, Ascalon Breagar or Isra?

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The thing about crossmodding (I assume?) is that you need to work with the other author. If I were an experienced modder and some newbie came up and said "Hey, I've made FIVE NPCS here, how about you and I write a set of banters for each one?" I don't think I'd be too enthusiastic.


If it is going to happen, it'd be after the the characters get released. Then at least people can get a feel for them and decide whether they suck or not before getting back to me.


I've also never heard of Ascalon Breagar. Where's it hosted?

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And Ascalon breagar is a very very good dwarven npc mod which lasts from BG1 to ToB. The best BG1 npc mod out there, imo.


Nobody wants to read dialogue written in Google Translatese.


Iirc, translation is going through a revision atm, but I don't know when and if ever it will be done.

These NPCs look stunning, I must say.

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Hmm, are all five npc's meant to work together as a sort of team evil canon party?


Curious to see how this might flow into BG2 territory, ooh and the quests. Littlun and Flara seem especially awesome.


And kudo's on t-he gallows humor, I can't remember anyone putting in any content referencing the rather garish/gruesome bandit scalping, but -that- little bit is hilarious.

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They're not all evil. Littlun's good, Moidre and Flara are neutral and will ignore reputation (at least in Tutu/BGT.) But they are part of a pack. They can stand on their own as full NPCs, but you will get some extra content (like the scalping dialogue) by using them all together.

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so, how are things going?


Alright, progress report!


Littlun and Moidre are finished aside from testing and maybe a few more interjections. Always hard to know when to stop with those. Writing for Flara is done, and she's being coded in between me typing this. Dave's banters are finished, and his other dialogue is 50-60% done.


Here's a bit of Littlun's first talk with the player:




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