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IWD:how crashes in middle-combat on Linux

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I did some searching, but still couldn't find a soluton to the problem.
I'm playing iwd:how on Bodhi Linux (pretty much like the latest Ubuntu, I think) with all the patches (iwd-1,06-how-1,41-ToL) and I believe I'm using the newest gemrb. I also use the Widescreen Patch, tried installing it both ways - for the original IE and for GemRB, to no difference in the following.
The game crahses randomly in mid-combat, sometimes I get to kill one goblin, sometimes I don't get even this far. Trying to cast a spell (Magic Missile, in this case) seems to crash the game every time.
gemrb.log shows this:


[ResourceManager]: Searching for 'HIT_03A'...
[ResourceManager]: Found 'HIT_03A.wav' in 'chitin.key'.
[Movable/WARNING]: Stance overridden by death
[Actor/COMBAT]: Damage animation type: 2
[ResourceManager]: Found 'mgo1de.bam' in 'chitin.key'.
[unknown]: Looking up key: 5(5)
[unknown]: Looking up key: 2(2)
[unknown]: Looking up key: 4(4)
[initRound]: Name: Kog Agemathbar | Attacks: 1 | Start:

I thought it was my ancient ATi videocard or the drivers.
But then I tried to run the same iwd on the same machine with no gemrb from virtualbox. And it doesn't crash that way.
I tried to reinstall iwd to a directory with no spaces in the address, to no result.
What am I doing wrong?

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So what is the version that gemrb reports? Can you get us an actual crash log (gdb backtrace) or at least a reproducible test case?


I did a prerelease runthrough of iwd to check for bugs for 0.8.1 (usually bg2 - that's why we have that silly regression there) and everything was fine.

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