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Sarah v4 Released

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This mod will add Sarah, a young but independent ranger to Baldur's Gate II. Sarah is a female human ranger of chaotic good alignment. The mod offers romance possibilities for a female protagonist. Version 4 adds a French translation courtesy of Le Marquis from Les d'Oghmatiques as well as miscellaneous bugfixes.

v4 Changelog:

  • French translation by Le Marquis from Les d'Oghmatiques
  • Fixed k#sarahb.d and k#sarahb.tra: @670 and @671 were present twice, with different texts
  • Fixed directory name for BG II portraits (was "bge" while tp2 uses "bg2")
  • Fixed large portrait for BG2EE (it was the same as medium)
  • Updated the tp2 to take into account the charset for BG2EE as per the new solution used in Edwin Romance V2.06
  • WeiDU Updated to v236


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It would be better this romance bug would be fixed. Because when i played once with this mod on original baldur's gate 2, the conversation happend very quick and after confessing her love there were no conversation later.

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