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Kivan & Deheriana v15 Released

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Kivan and Deheriana is a WeiDU mod that adds a joinable NPC from BG, Kivan, and under certain circumstances, his elven wife Deheriana to the cast of BG2 actors. Version 15 fixes a number of errors reported in while playing the mod in BGIIEE, as well as a few other bugs. Due to structural changes, you will need to completely uninstall v14 and remove it before updating.

Previous versions need to be completely uninstalled prior to updating to v15.


v15 Changelog:

  • Fixed a number of crash bugs for BGIIEE caused by a lack of character set conversion
  • Fixed a bug where some items, notably Kivan's bow and shield, would disappear from his inventory
  • Jozzi now properly re-appears after defeating the Sahuagin king
  • Fixed a bug where Lilarcor would banter with Kivan despite not being equipped
  • Fixed bugs with a handful of banters that ended with NO VALID REPLIES OR LINKS
  • Fixed a bug with the description of Kivan's arrows
  • Streamlined install


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