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Kivan Leaves; Items Gone

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First things first: This is one of the finest character mods that I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The writing is fantastic, and the characterisation is nothing short of perfect; the sheer amount of interjections and inter-party interactions is just wonderfully executed, with a staggering amount of attention to detail, all characters concerned. Thank you for sharing this with us. :)


However, due to problem that I kept running into, the P#KivanLove value was constantly reset to a negative value. This might have been my own doing, since I have been running various other character mods and romances at the same time (you probably scripted in checks for these). So I eventually accepted defeat and figured his leaving at the end of SoA suited his character. Unfortunately, all his gear is dropped right on the ground in the temple of Suldanessellar, and I am completely unable to retrieve it afterwards. Is this due to an error on my end? If not, maybe it would be nice to script it so that the items are transferred to the other characters, or that they are duplicated and added to the forest floor as you start ToB or something.

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