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As I was enlightened that BG EE exclusive classes are not a priority for KR right now I think I should start a discussion on this kit for later use or even if it is just for ideas so we can do our own tweaking.



IMO the greatest flaw of this amazing kit is that it brings almost nothing to the table until lvl 5. I am already used to tweaking backstab.2da to give them a progression like this:


1-8: x2

9-12: x3

13 onward: x4


And I like the rest of the kit as it is... sort of.


The SD should be a much cooler and much more dangerous Illusionist/thief IMO. And it does a nice job at that, but I think it should get its cool HLA's sooner to make it a more tactical presence in the battlefield.


But I still like the kit as is (apart from the uselessness until lvl 4) and would like to hear thoughts on how to balance it with the other kits.

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