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Scales of Balance: post-hac tweaks and kit pack

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That's where I disagree. IMO a familiar is a druidy thing,

I'm not arguing or presenting opinion. I'm just saying...


I know wizards have had familiars in D&D for decades,

See? We agree.


As for druid familiars, what I will do if I implement this, is allow druids to be LN, TN, or CN. So they would only get real animals as familiars.


My vorpal rabbit just critted the belt ogre for 4 damage, killing him ("lookit tha bones!!!"). Though he only causes 1-2 damage, he seems to have a high AC, great thaco, and the ability to spawn many of them is definitely OP.

I think the creature has thac0 19, does 1-2 damage, AC 9 (but 18 DEX), and only 3 hp. Vorpal? No. I'll double-check to be sure there isn't a bug, but I'm not sure how I could possibly nerf that. Except maybe putting a short duration (24 seconds, maybe).

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My vorpal rabbit...

... Vorpal? No. I'll ...but I'm not sure how I could possibly nerf that.


With the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioc of course ! :p

Jokes aside, the thac0 could be 25, AC can be 35 ... and so forth. It's not a humanoid, so leaving it to base of AC 10, and thac0 from 20 to 0 is sign of bad consideration or not at least overthinking enough.

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Just to be clear, I'm not suggesting wizards lose familiars. I was simply mentioning what *I* do in my PNP game, not that I think wizards should lose them in BG.


I know most gamers see familars as a wizard thing. I know I'm probably alone in seeing them as druid things. That's why I was simply asking that SD consider adding them, possibly, for druids to get.


I could explain at length why I think they're more appropriate for druids, but I don't know if anybody cares to read it, nor am I overly inclined to write it.

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Been a while since I posted here, but this mod is now up to version 5.5.


- The YARAS (Yet Another Revised Armor System) component changes all armors, revising base AC, damage resistance, dexterity penalties, arcane casting speed, and thieving skills. It is highly configurable via an .ini file.


- The Weapon Proficiency Overhaul now allows more fine-grained control over proficiency advancement (on the EE games, anyway). At level 1 you can be proficient with up to 7 weapons or styles, but you can on specialize in 0-2 of them... depending on you INT score. The default requirements are 13 INT to specialize in 1 weapon, and 15 INT to specialize in two, but there is a .ini file where you can set those to whatever scores you wish.


- Using new EE technology, I have revised the four weapon styles to make them more balanced and interesting. Shield-fighting now gives a chance for a stun/knockback effect against incoming blows if you are specialized in it, and single-weapon now provides a thac0 bonus and melee AC bonus, and an extra 1/2 APR if you are specialized in the style.


- There is a new component that adds a -1 STR penalty to every 1-handed weapon, to further balance dual-wielding vs. one-hand weapon vs. two-hand weapons.


- There is a new component to reduce the XP gained from kills to 1/2, 1/5, or 1/10 normal, for added challenge and to make the game more dependent on role-playing/quest XP.

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