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Unearthed Arcana presents Scales of Balance: a post-hac tweak pack

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I have updated the mod to version 5.22.  This makes the following changes:

-- Updated version of the bundled Mac Weidu Launcher utility

-- Fixed the Saving Throw Overhaul to properly handle spells added by mods

-- Fixed the "Change Generic Magic Weapons to Mastercraft" component

--Added a new component: the Poison Overhaul.  This makes all sources of continual poison damage in the game (opcode 25) do damage more slowly, but last longer.  There are 4 categories of poison:

  • Lethal: 2hp/second and -6 to STR, for 3 turns (360 total damage)
  • Strong: 1hp/second and -5 to STR, for 4 turns (240 total damage)
  • Mild: 1hp/3 seconds and -4 to STR, for 5 turns (100 total damage)
  • Weak: 1hp/6 seconds and -3 to STR, for 5 turns (50 total damage)

In general, poison damage does not stack.  But you never know, sometimes someone just has a bad reaction, so occasionally the rate of damage might be doubled if you get multiple doses.  This is rare but dangerous.

These makes poisons slightly less deadly, in that they won't kill you as quickly and you'll have more time to cure it.  BUT it is not so easy to cure poisons:

The 'Slow Poison' spell now does what it says on the tin: it SLOWS the poison, it doesn't necessarily cure it.  It will reduce the magnitude of the effects of any poison by two levels: so if you are effected by lethal poison, its effects drop to those of mild poison, and if you are affected by strong poison the effects become those of weak poison, and if you are affected by mild or weak poison the effects will be blocked completely.  However, the spell only lasts for 2 turns; after it expires, the poison will still be in your system and it will return to full strength!  You will need to apply some kind of cure again at that point, or just ride out the more serious effects.  (Feel free to discuss this, that duration can be changed.)

Antidotes do the same thing as Slow Poison: they reduce the severity of the effects by two levels.  Unlike the spell, antidotes last for a full 5 turns, so they will block weak potions entirely, and weaken strong poisons for their entire course.  (Here too, I welcome feedback.)

The Neutralize Poison spell and the Elixir of Health potion will completely block poisons of any strength, for 6 turns.  (They will prevent any poison from affecting you, for the full duration of that poison's effects.)  Hey, now there is a reason to ever memorize Neutralize Poison!  :party:

So in short: poison is generally not as immediately deadly, but they can still do a lot of damage (more than vanilla, in most cases) and your methods for countering them have been nerfed a bit.

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For your random tweaks, what about the ability to talk to innkeepers and generate/important new level-appropriate characters?  This is mostly for heavily-modded EET, since I'm unsure how this handles new characters in this situation.

I know editors could do this, but with so many mods, I'm unsure how well that would work.

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Normally, at the start of BG1, SoD, BG2, and ToB, players get the option to make characters with appropriate EXP totals.  My request is to add methods to do this mid-game without using an external editor.

I assume all characters would start naked or with very basic gear so as to avoid adding these guys to the party then immediately dumping them to keep their stuff.  Spellbook-based casters would start with appropriate spells for their level.

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I like the idea of the Item & Weapon Overhaul (IWO): Yet Another Revised Armor System.  I am guessing that since this pretty much does the same thing as the tweak anthology Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P and Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor components from the Tweaks Anthology, that you don't want to install both. I was hoping to hear from people as to which they preferred between Scales of Balance and Tweaks anthology, and why.  Also, if there were any significant differences that made you suggest one option over the other.

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I used to use a combination of Full Plate and Packing Steel (with modified settings) and Item Revisions spellcasting in armor (with modified settings). I turned off the damage resistance in IR and used my custom DR values in FPPS, along with DEX penalties; and I turned off spell failure chance and movement penalty in FPPS and used IR’s casting speed penalty instead. 

But FPPS uses static armor lists and doesn’t handle stuff from SoD and new mods. So I wrote my own version: YARAS. YARAS has casting speed penalties and DEX penalties and damage resistance, and thieving skill penalties for heavy armors only (the vanilla thieving penalties for light armors are unchanged). If that’s what you want, then use YARAS. There is a settings file that lets you set the casting speed, DEX, and DR to whatever values you want, for each kind of armor. 

If you want casting failure chance instead of casting speed penalties, then use CDTweaks. If you want movement penalties, then use IR. 

That’s the rough breakdown of which mod suits which preferences. 

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