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Unusual request (my CD broke, language files needed :<)


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Hey guys,


So I don't know if anyone could help me, but if you could, I'd be grateful. A while ago my Throne of Bhaal CD refused to cooperate (well, it was OLD, granted). Last time I installed it from Polish version (first I owned, I got English later, non-pirated, it's where I started to actually learn English properly :) ), but it was horrid with partially English text (from mods), Polish sounds, and generally a total bloody sausage.


So this time I thought - maybe I could ask someone here to copy and upload somewhere the English files from a clean install of ToB? *NOT* Enhanced edition. I use a ton of mods, and I doubt they're all compatible with that, are they?


So, voices and dialog.tlks. I don't think there's anything else needed, right? Would anyone be so kind? Thank you very much either way!


<i wanted to post you a cute puppy picture, but forums don't trust me, so, alas, it's all up to your imagination>

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There's English ToB backup that has the dialog.tlk ... the sound files are a little more problematic, as they take a bit of space, but you can probably do with the sounds that are in the data directory's 3 .bif files have. You can download them from this file I just uploaded in to here. You overwrite the existing .bif files in <game install folder>/data/ -folder with the ones in the archive(PS, make sure that you have backup from the files before you overwrite them ! ).

Here's the puppy too:


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Thank you a ton of kittens! I'm gonna hamster those away somewhere, since it seems that I will never be free of this game. I honestly thought last time was the last time... but apparently 40 or so times is just not enough for a decade... or so <counts... got BG1 when I was 10, mom tried to take it away, because Sarevok starting video was brutal... she failed... 14 years. 14 years of Baldur's Gating. Holy pig :O>

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Hmmm... I replaced the files with everything I got from here, and I checked ToB. The spirits at start still speak in Polish, so the voice files must be somewhere else :<


The out-of-game menus are also in Polish, that really doesn't bother me, but maybe those files are somehow connected? Hm.


Could the file be Dialog.bif from data maybe? I have no idea, just guessing.


Ah, nevermind. Things kept borking, and old install files I had kept also borked, and I went to GoG.com and it's on sale actually. So I'm just going to buy the English version and rest in pepperonis. Thanks anyway, cheers xD

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Well, here you have to take into consideration on what operation system do you use ?

If it's any of the current used Windowses, you have to know a bit to be actually be able to modify the install as you intent to or the Operation System just ignores all that you intent to do for "safety reasons".

The Windows 8 and 8.1 allow you to modify only the game files in the user files (C:\Users\<username>\BGII - SoA\ -folder as the games install folder for example), anything outside of that, won't make a difference as the original data is stored to a data base from where it will be read from and not the files you can touch, so overwriting the existent files does nothing.

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