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Mod seems to be broken


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1) The Specialist Mage Kit descriptions won't show up no matter what. Instead, the old descriptions are still in place. (EasyTuTu and BG2)

Just to be sure, I even tried to install this mod on top of a freshly reinstalled and clean, vanilla BG2 and it still doesn't work


2) The same applies to Edwin's Red Wizard Kit. (BG2. In EasyTutu I made it work by renaming script.bcs to _edwin.bcs in the .tp2 file)


3) Mazzy's Truesword kit doesn't get rid of her old powers, so she has both new and old special abilities. (BG2)


Not using the Enhanced Edition.

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This should be fixed in v5.


Thanks for the heads up! I truly did not expect anyone to update this mod after all these years. :D


Specialization descriptions and Mazzy seem to be working as intended, however Edwin is still having "Conjurer" instead of Red Wizard as his class, forcing me to set his class to RW via Level 1 NPC mod. Or maybe I am missing something here? :undecided:

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