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BGT problem


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I know I probably shouldn't be writing this here, but TeamBG forum is down and I really need help.


I installed Baldur's Gate Trilogy and the reaqdme.html says that I need to hit Shadows af Amn, then some Baldur's Gate button if I am to play ToSC. But I don't have such button I csn only start SofA game.


Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

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I'm afraid I don't know the answer. However, I can tell you this -


- The reason you can't get to the TeamBG forum is that TeamBG is now gone. :) It got hacked.

- The mod is now supported at Forgotten Wars so if nobody here knows, try http://forums.spellholdstudios.net - Seanas does post often here, though, and he's one of the maintainers so he'll probably know. :)

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unfortunately, it sounds like you messed up the install process and have to start again. specifically - although i'm not certain of this - you've installed BG1 to the wrong directory. tp quote from one of the BP-BGT install guides:


Install BGI and TotSC add-on to C:\baldur, NOT the default directory but to C:\baldur

as install didn't work for me when I installed to default directory and moved it to C:\baldur.


there's a user-created BGT install guide here, and there's a BGT install guide inside the BGT installer (which you can extract out before you run the installer).

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Thanks for the help, guys! Trilogy is now working after I reinstalled it. I think the problem was in the 3 patches included, since I forgot to install them the first time, and as stupid as it may sound, when I extracted BGT into my BG2 folder it made itself a directory, which I gues was not supposed to be there. That's why the Baldur's Gate Button didnot appear. Whent moved the content of directory to the default BG2 dir, the game still crashed, but after reinstall all was smooth.


Thanks once again.

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