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How to reedit game texts


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I guess it shows how little can a person know after being involved into trivial modding for a long time...


Here goes the question:


What I WANT to do (in PS Torment game):


I want to reedit many dlg files texts, arbitrarily rewriting the lines, sometimes adding new options etc




I extracted a few DLG files with weidu --text and went over texts putting in corrections and added in one case a couple of new STATEs

COMPILE resulted D into override

That resulted in messed up dialog.tlk - the CRE in the games started giving me wrong dlg lines


Now HOW may I do it properly (the work is too humangous imo to do it all in NI line by line)?


-If I do not add new STATEs, will I still screw up the dialogue.tlk by re-compiling the existing files and adding new strings in the end of it?

-Will it help if I reCOMPILE ALL files in the game (I dimly remeber DECOMPILE-COMPILE routine) - if that could help, please, please, show me a sample code snippet!


Thnak you in advance!



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