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[done] Sir Ajantis for BGII: v12 with ToB content


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I have some management problems concerning testing forums so I decided to make this an open beta.


If you encounter any problems or have any feed back, let me know. Thank you for your interest in Ajantis BGII!


[Download removed. v12 is out on the Mod's Homepage


Changes are:

-ToB content added.
-added two lines for an Ajantis-Jaheira banter, to make it content-compatible with a Solaufein-Jaheira banter of my Solaufein mod.
-removed DialogInterrupt(TRUE) to prevent player to interrupt Lord Enderol's transition to the prison (and Garren's spawning) - thank you Linguist in Training for the fix!
-reaction to Wellyn: Ajantis should comment now, and he should not if he wasn't in the party when the PC helped Wellyn
-tweaked his leaving action so he won't walk through the hopscotch of doom when revised after the Vampire incident (romance case)
-revised Ajantis' hell trial reactions to make them compatible with Quest Pack "Revised Hell Trials". Ajantis will still complain about one evil choice, but will only go further if alignment change did take place. He will no longer leave the group in romance case.
-added check to romance gender detection to exclude girdle of gender bender

-HANDLE_CHARSETS now handles the utf-8 encoding (only one set ot tras)
-update to WeiDU v237


Still known issues:

-in the outer area of Firkraag's hidden enclave, there is still the exit to the worldmap at the area corners. Do not exit the quest area to the worldmap. This is an oversight I will fix in a later version.

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So happy to see Ajantis' ToB part is released! I squealed like a schoolgirl.


A minor thing, though - I checked the PIDs at the very beginning to see what's new there. The dialogue about writing letters home includes stuff about the Pocket Plane... but they are not supposed to know about it just yet. I know it's probably just my silly custom to always look for dialogues first, but I have a feeling it shouldn't be there at that moment.

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All the Ajantis mod does to Valygar's dialogue is introducing banters between Valygar and Ajantis, so I don't think it is. EDIT: No, it is definietly not, Ajantis mod does not interject into Valygar.dlg state 43.


As much as I appreciate bug reports, I don't really see why you posted this here after you identified with a changelog that the Ajantis mod did not change the valygar.dlg? I did a thorough look, though, nontheless.

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I found a typo and an odd choice of wording, if you are interested and if you aren't already aware of them -


LT beginning with "Charname, I've been thinking of Sir Keldorn's recent turmoil...

he says, "gives these thoughts into my head" and it sounds odd. I think it should be, "puts these thoughts into my head."


In the PID Menu - When you ask him to do something for you, the "Keep me warm tonight," option, he says "leek" when it should be "leak" for seeping water.


I'll note anything else as I go. So far, on a couple of games I have going, things are going great! I forgot how much I adore Ajantis despite not being a huge fan of the Radiant Heart. :)

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I don't know if you care, Jastey, because Keldorn Romance is a mod, but it seems sort of odd that Keldorn just returned to my party after Maria dumped him and Ajantis and he banter as if he and Maria are reconciled.


It's not a problem, technically, but just in case you wanted to know I decided to post it if you decide to add some sort of check for Keldorn's Romance.


So far, otherwise, still good! I hope to get my pc and Ajantis married soon. I'm on the betrothed path and it is so sweet! <3

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Ajantis is missing a word in one of the LT's. It is after you return from the Underdark and have the dream where Elliseme tells you that you are either your own worst enemy or your own saviour.


The mod says - You awake from your strange nightmare drenched in sweat, and realize that Ajantis, laying beside, (should be "laying beside you,") etc.


Still going great, tho! :)

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Love the mod so far, but have just encountered what I think is a problem after the final Bodhi battle. My player character had an active romance with him when Bodhi dominated him, and the party was forced to kill him. After defeating Bodhi, I took Ajantis' body and Bodhi's heart to Amauanator's statue, and upon resurrection, Ajantis said that he had done evil and had lost Helm's favor, and had fallen. He said that he had to leave and reclaim Helm's favor. Ajantis has been gone for 5 game days, and I am wondering how long until he returns. My party is nearly ready to move to Suldenessalar, and I want Ajantis back before I move to the Throne of Bhaal.

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