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It's a Jannish Christmas


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As it that time of the year again, I have a little something to show people I've actually been doing things. Again, I prefer not to let too much slip, especially at this late stage, so here is a small chunk of a larger dialogue, featuring Aklon and Jan, discussing intricate technical details...


Hopefully an interesting teaser and I hope all have had a good week, whatever you may be celebrating!



Aklon: I have often admired the talent gnomes have for machines and the uses to which they are put.

Jan: Thinking of asking Jan for some lessons?

Aklon: With the time we have available on our journey, I fear-

Jan: Time, precisely. No time like the present, I always say. Or would you rather learn more about turnips? Now there's a study for you. A rich and varied history, a profusion of types, uses and techniques for growing!

Aklon: Ah, well, as I said, the time-

Jan: Nonsense, there's always time for turnips. The Ruddy Tethyrian, for example, is a fine breed. Hardy, keeps well, makes a fine soup and almost never grows into a shape to make a matron blush. Hence the name.

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