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IWDEE & BG2EE STORES.BIF file contains resource type 0 file


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I originally posted this up on the baldursgate forum, but no one responded, perhaps it wasnt seen by anyone that might knows the answer. Anyhow hopefully someone knows some info on this.


Whilst developing a utility for reading key and bif files i came across an oddity.

This applies to both IWDEE and BG2EE that have the STORES.BIF file.

I noticed when looking at IWDEE's STORES.bif file it has one file entry (which is fine) but the file entry for the one file in the bif has the resource type as 0.



In the chitin.key file for IWDEE, the codified index for this resource index 162 shl 20 + 0 (bif entry for stores.bif is 162 bitwise shift left 20 + 0 for index) = 169869312 - again this is fine, as resource is listed in the chitin file, but does not have any name, and type is set as 0


In the BG2EE STORES.BIF it lists a number of file entries, but the first entry also shows resource type of 0


In the chitin.key file for BG2EE, the codified index for this first entry = 35651584 (34 shl 20 + 0) which again is correct but still shows a resource with no name and type set to 0. Because this STORES.BIF has more than 1 entry, you can also see the next file resource ARLED is correct (resource type 1014 = 0x3F6)


looking at the resource type 0 file contents, its clear this resource is a store file (STORV1.0)

Is this resource an orphan? a bug/typo? or a leftover from original game files? or should this resource be interpreted as some special reference. Checked with near infinity as well to see how it viewed this first entry, and it also shows this as unknown resource (0h)

Included are some screenshots to show the file entry and the chitin.key file from both IWDEE and BG2EE to help illustrate.

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This file entry is already present in the original BG2. I'd guess it's just an orphaned entry, maybe used during game development at the time, which has been eventually carried over into the Enhanced Editions of the games. More specifically, it's the Candlekeep Inn store from BG1.

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