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>_< How do I get a mod dialogue to trigger?

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I'm in ToB with the Berelinde's Keldorn Romance and I need to get the first Lovetalk there. I did the romance properly all the way thru SoA and now in ToB he turns to my pc, the music starts, but the dialogue does not trigger. I've tried reloading over and over. No difference.


I don't know what to do. I am sure I've seen similar questions before but it's been so long I no longer remember what people do to solve this.



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What version of the Keldorn romance are you playing?


I don't know the mod well enough to know which dialogue should trigger. The timered talks seem to be fine, coding-wise. Do you know how to debug a stutter bug? Otherwise, I would ask you to send me your zipped safegame, then I'll have a look (jastey at web dot de).

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I just checked and yep, that's the right version! I know I abused SK in a rather unwholesome way just for kicks and fun, but he romanced my pc just fine all the way thru SoA and I got the ring. I was good to go. And he DOES try to initiate a talk in ToB but it just goes nowhere.

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Hang on - I'm just checking: When you write "try to initiate a talk" do you mean that he starts a dialogue and it ends in a stutter bug, or do you mean that he said something like "We need to talk" and the follow up conversation just didn't happen?


If it's the latter, have you tried sleeping in the Pocket Plane?

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I have tried sleeping, yes, and that's when he is trying to initiate a dialogue. What happens is this - I click on "rest" and he turns to my pc, the romance music starts, but no dialogue box comes up.


It is beyond frustrating. I've reloaded and tried over a dozen times. :(

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Ankhesenpaaten, at least I do know now that the dialogue the script tries to trigger is not happening because it is in the SoA-part of Keldorn's dialogue, not the ToB one. What I need to understand now is whether the dialogue should be added to the ToB-part, or whether the script should be blocked in ToB. I'm on it...


If the dialgue is supposed to happen in ToB, this won't work for you unless you reinstall, tough. Is this possible for you or are you on a biffed Mega-Modification?

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I don't have a mega installation so I can reinstall. I don't think I can uninstall and reinstall everything in order like some people do, but I can probably just cross my fingers and hope that a reinstall of Keldorn would work!


So, even after I get Keldorn's ring the game thinks I'm in SoA for Keldorn? Hm...that makes sense! He would try to talk to my pc but can't because my pc is in ToB and he is in SoA...


Jastey, you are beyond AWESOME! I'll just wait this out, then. Or, I can maybe back up to the Elven Stone Heads area and try to force his dialogue and finish his SoA stuff and then maybe restart ToB and see if he works.


Either way, thank you so much! At least now I know what's wrong and I'm so glad it isn't my SK abuse! *huge sigh of relief*

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I am convinced now that the dialogue that tries to trigger in your game is not supposed to trigger in ToB. It's post-confession night talks, but they are supposed to happen after what Keldorn says at the end of SoA (not to spoiler). (You don#t miss any essential romance part if you don't see these in your game).


I think you are fine by setting the following by hand:




(That is "Kel" like Keldorn, with an "L")


The ToB romance should start normally (there should be one dialogue after the first challenge, and then a night talk at the following rest.)


Thank you for the report!

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