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Installing Fixpack for IWD2 on Linux


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I've installed IWD2 on Linux using PlayOnLinux and a GOG game. I want to also install the IWD2 Ease of use mod on top of that so that my dex-based monk can take the Weapon Finesse Feat. See http://www.gog.com/forum/icewind_dale_series/dex_monk_weapon_finesse_feat


I was told to install Weidu as a first step. I thought that it would offer options to install various mods so I followed this: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/29361-linux-and-weidu-mods/


Weidu installed but there was no dialogue to install other mods on top of it. What should I do next? I looked at http://weidu.org/iwd2.html#iwd2-ease, but the RAR file links to a directory called /old that can't be right?

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1. Copied the tp2 as well as the iwd-ease subdirectory from the rar archive to the mod sub-directory.

2. Ran "weinstall Setup-IWD2-Ease.tp2" in the mod sub-directory

3. Need to test the result. There were no prompts as to which part of the mod I wanted to install, so I think something went wrong.
Log file attached below:
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cat setup-setup-iwd2-ease.debug

WeiDU v 23600 Log


weidu --log setup-setup-iwd2-ease.debug setup-iwd2-ease.tp2 setup-setup-iwd2-ease.tp2 setup-iwd2-ease/setup-iwd2-ease.tp2 setup-iwd2-ease/setup-setup-iwd2-ease.tp2

[../chitin.key] loaded, 365212 bytes

[../chitin.key] 133 BIFFs, 25819 resources

[../linux.ini] loaded, 233 bytes

Possible HD/CD Path: [/home/brendon/.wine/dosdevices/../drive_c/GOG Games/Icewind Dale II]

Possible HD/CD Path: [/home/brendon/.wine/dosdevices/../drive_c/GOG Games/Icewind Dale II/data/]

Possible HD/CD Path: [/home/brendon/.wine/dosdevices/../drive_c/GOG Games/Icewind Dale II/cd2/]

[../icewind2.ini] loaded, 1985 bytes

Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\GOG Games\Icewind Dale II]

Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\GOG Games\Icewind Dale II\data\]

Possible HD/CD Path: [C:\GOG Games\Icewind Dale II\cd2\]

[../keymap.ini] loaded, 1181 bytes

[../party.ini] loaded, 21152 bytes

[../unins000.ini] loaded, 86 bytes

[../language.ini] loaded, 17132 bytes

[../dialog.tlk] loaded, 5306001 bytes

[../dialog.tlk] 41422 string entries

[../dialog.tlk] claims to be writeable.

[../dialog.tlk] claims to be a regular file.

WARNING: parsing log [WeiDU.log]: Sys_error("weidu.log: No such file or directory")


WeiDU Timings

load TLK 0.000

loading files 0.000

stuff not covered elsewhere 0.012

unmarshal TLK 0.016

unmarshal KEY 0.036

TOTAL 0.064

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Thanks you two. Will retry tomorrow

EDIT: Worked as suggested by Wisp above.


Note 1: Contents of RAR needs to be copied to the main game directory (see README in archive) for installation, and not the ./mod directory as I thought earlier.


Note 2: Relating to my first post. Yes, the RAR files are in a directory named "old", but you can compare version numbers to the EXE versions to check that you are up to date.

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