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How to create the (bigger) MOS files for BG(II):EE?


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DLTCEP (I'm using v7.7) should create MOS V1 files without trouble. You can also use the MOS converter feature of Near Infinity (menu Tools->Convert->Image to MOS). It supports both the old MOS V1 and the new MOS V2 type, but you should stick to MOS V1 even in the Enhanced Editions until WeiDU offers an easier way to install the PVRZ files associated with MOS V2.

What bigger MOS files do you want to create?


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I need MOS files of custom areas both for Gavin BG1 and the Keldorn Romance mod. Thus, what I have are the area files and the (small) mos files for BGII. -Thank you for the link, I'll try whether I'll be able to create the EE MOS files, before I'll ask more questions.

EDIT: Only that I have actually no idea how to create mos files with DLTCEP? All files of the custom area are in the override, I can look at the wed and tis from the are-file, accordingly. I am sure I am missing something obvious, and would be thankful for help!

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I'm not sure if DLTCEP provides an automatic minimap creation feature. You can create the MOS manually though (either with DLTCEP or Near Infinity).

The MOS:TIS ratio in the Enhanced Editions is 10 pixels per tile. For example, a TIS map of 80x60 tiles results in a minimap of 800x600 pixels.

You can convert the TIS into a graphics file and downsize it in the graphics editor of your choice. Afterwards you can convert the resulting image into a MOS file. Afaik, DLTCEP supports only BMP. Near Infinity can read BMP, PNG and JPG.

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